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Normal behaviour with 1.25 Elevator


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When i touched the ground with my tiger, yes, the whole surface touched the ground with 600 km/h, the only damage was a broken nose, pitot ripped off, but radar functional, and a nearly lost elevator, but the flight behaviour was completely normal, the only thing i was feeling when flying straight, that the right wing was going down, but very slowly. And when i pulled 3-5 Gs, nothing special happened, although i was expecting some kind of roll...


I think there is maybe something wrong with the reaction of the flight model to damage...


I know the Tiger from PS managed it to land, so would i have been, since nothing really changed a lot, and that slight roll, i was able to trimm that down, and that roll was like 2-5 degrees/second maximum, so nothing fatal...


Maybe it would be worth it to check if everyhing is ok

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After a bit of research, i discovered that this behaviour can't be


In this link, you see the latest incident of a Tiger, and also, our Tigers have only modified Radios IIRC, so no different flight behaviour




If you look at his ailerons or how they are called, he had tu put the stick very far left or right to balance the missing lift and unbalanced weight


In my case, you can see, my ailerons are mostly in neutral position, no roll from missing lift or unbalanced weight


and also on other pictures, you can see that he moved the stick to the side




Maybe someone could look into this

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