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Multiplayer issue in DCS 2.0


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Did some testing with multiplayer and had some (big) problems. Other PC was set up as server using some simple self made missions: hot ramp start in Nellis / McCarren. Joining the game was no problem and we both sat in the cockpit ready to unpause the game. When unpaused, things went wrong: motor sounds off in the backseat while on in the front seat, or vise versa. Landing gear somehow activated, resulting sometimes in damaged gear and sometimes the plane caught fire/exploded. Only tested in 2.0 so far. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?


Thanks for any help,


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There have been multi-crew cockpit sync issues from the L-39's release, later iterations improved them but AFAIK it's still WIP (progress is slow). As I use 1.5 and haven't flown a multi-crew L-39 mission recently, I can't say if there's been a regression in the latest patch.


IIRC spawning into a paused game in 1.5, seems to make sync issues worse, so you might want to test spawning the 'pilot' first and once his cockpit is up and running, then joining as the check ride in the 2nd seat.


Last time I flew (March) there could still be few sync issues but most of the time it worked well enough. If there is a de-sync between players, pilot 1 has the real aircraft state i.e. if pilot 1 sees gear up and pilot 2 sees gear down, the real state (as far as the flight model is concerned) is gear up.


Exiting the pilot 2 slot and rejoining has been said to fix de-sync'ed cockpits in the gazelle, so perhaps it might work for the L-39.


Note:when flying SP missions with radio triggers, etc. in a multi-crew gazelle in 1.5.4, pilot 1 also needed to be the host for the SP triggers to work, not sure if it's working as intended or a tempoary bug (the SP triggers work as soon as pilot 2 (host) leaves the slot/goes to spectators). YMMV

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