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Mark points for visually aquired targets


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Here is the scenario:


I spot a target visually (say IR SAM) and want to be able to get my targeting pod on the area to pinpoint the SAM. At the moment what I'm doing is maneuvering the plane around towards the area where the SAM launched, create a SPI by moving the TDC cursor, and then slewing the targeting pod to the SPI so that I can try and pinpoint the SAM.


Just wondering if there is a better way to do this? Especially the part of trying to slew the TDC cursor over the suspected target area to create a SPI. Don't particularly want to be diving towards a target trying to get the TDC near the target.

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Although not real accurate I use the TAD to create markpts when I spot something nearby off to left or right.Bring TAD scale down to 5 or 10 mile range, guesstimate distance and direction, and plot markpt The map shows rivers and cities and stuff that can help visualize location.

Works well for hunting Tunguska too. As soon as they pop up on RWR I bring TAD to 10mile scalle since that's their radar range and plot markpt at outer ring in direction of SAM. You also know if your markpt gets close to 5mile ring you can be launched on.

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