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  1. Precog

    Pilot body

    Any official word on the pilot body?
  2. Yeah I hope this issue gets addressed. SAS should provide turn coordination..
  3. Thanks for this mod.....Ive been using it for ages. I'm sure the new version will sort this out
  4. Precog

    Head Shadow

    +1. Great idea for that added immersion
  5. Just flew the first mission...well done mate. Very professional. My only feedback would be to slow down the voiceovers as I find them unnaturally fast, and I ended up having to read the text instead. Looking forward to mission 2!
  6. That was really interesting. Thanks for sharing!
  7. I find the AMPCD has taken a turn for the post after the last update too. Gain does not help.
  8. I wouldn't go anywhere near Pimax. My 5k headset was terrible and they still haven't delivered a base station that I paid for during the Kickstarter.
  9. You can call the ball when landed and the LSO responds with YOUR LOW. Is he taking the piss or is this a bug :lol:
  10. Hi ED, Was wondering if there are any plans to add animated crew during the startup sequence? Don't see this mentioned anywhere.
  11. Same...I noticed a helicopter was only drawn in one eye for a while
  12. Yep...all modules should have this.
  13. Precog

    Pilot body

    If you fly VR you really need a pilot body. Shadowing would be a bonus.
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