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10 planes


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When I was a kid in the mid-eighties, I got a book as a present that featured 10 military jets. I wish I could remember the name of that book but it really kindled my interest in military aviation. Anyways, if I recall correctly, the list of planes was, in no particular order ...








Panavia Tornado





I just realized that with the latest news updates from RAZBAM, 6 of these childhood loves will become a reality in DCS as full fidelity sims! C'mon ED and third parties, lets do a sweep of all 10! :D

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6? I think it is 8.


The only ones not remotely hinted at by any dev are the F-16* and B-1B.


Everything else is in progress in some form, five of them by Razbam (although one of those five might be tackled by Polychop).



*Do not say ED, their F16 is clearly a cancelled or Government-only project at this point.

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Is this the book?




I suspect so since it contains the same 10 you mentioned. :)


It's still a great book to thumb through and I remember having the same thought as you - ED and 3rd Parties are creating an awesome collection of aircraft that are very much to my taste (late Cold War - aircraft of my youth).


Glad to see I am in good company...:D



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