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SLEW CONTROL (IF your HOTAS Doesn't have one)


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Just Stumbled on this, (NO I DIDNT MAKE THE TUTORIAL OR CREATE THE IDEA FOR THIS THING!), i just saw the link and thought someone could find it helpful! And although i didn't need one when i saw this i'm thinking about making one now!, ...And more importantly I'm certain there's plenty of guys with lower-end sticks who struggle to have to reach up to the keyboard, then feel around blindly for the right keys to be able to slew to targets Just to use the slew-controls on the A-10c or the Radar's and targeting Camera's of other aircraft! So here yah go! Do it yourselfer's too might like this for other controls like trim etc... http://www.instructables.com/id/Add-a-little-two-analog-axis-thumb-joystick-to-you/



Now in case someone already linked this a long time ago i apologize in advance if this is old news, but i'm CERTAIN SOMEONE OUT THERE Is probably wishing they could afford a warthog stick or buy a stick that has slew-controls or perhaps you have a stick like the X-55 who's slew controls can be hard to map or annoying at times...So now you could slap this puppy on a stick that doesn't have one, and this seems to work great although it's only seen featured in Elite Dangerous in the video,....i imagine it would work just fine as Slew controller since it's just a two axis-controller and would work great for Radar for most DCS aircraft as well as for the Camera controls on the targeting pod for the A-10c and anything else in DCS and other Flight sims that use "slewing" like the KA-50 or the SU-25T!




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