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Pilot avatar in cockpit- Virtual Reality in the A-10C


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Hey guys, I'd really like to have a pilot avatar in my cockpit. I realize it would block the panels some but I could toggle it off temporarily when it's in the way like I do in the P-51 module.


I've decided to go all in on DCS because it's one of the most immersive experiences available but this really hurts in that regard.


Thanks for any help,




Demo of my 6DOF Motion VR Sim:

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Recently getting VR myself, I would also like to be able to have a toggle pilot body for the Hawg. Maybe the current one when you hit Left Ctrl+F11 could be used? That one might be too low of a resolution but its an idea. :)

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What I'd love to see, is a body tracker refined to the point that the pilot avatar would move in the cockpit with your own movement in R/L, so when you reached out to hit a switch in VR, the avatar would match your own movement to hit the switch as a form of mouse tracking.

You would basically reach out with your own virtual hand/arm to maniplate controls in the cockpit. Given the current state of technology, it could be a viable next generation tech, if we could just get the companies involved to work with each other.

Leap is trying to go in this direction, but is still pretty crude comparitive to what is needed to do this. They have the basic framework, but not the resolution. They really need to partner with Oculus.

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Are there any plans for our beloved Hog, to have a pilotbody?


It should be a standard feature. Just in times of VR. :music_whistling:


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