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Spit Pilot skins


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Been playing with the RAF pilot/helmet textures a bit.


After the Normandy invasion most pilots based on the continent wore British Army battledress uniforms to fly in instead of RAF blue, as the blue when seen at a distance could be confused with German feldgrau... not great when your walking west after a crash landing and getting near your own trigger happy troops. ;)


Rank stripes and uniform hats (if worn) were still RAF blue, as was any webbing carried (pistol belt, holster, etc):











Blackened the boots, khaki BD (colour needs to be a bit more brown), brown D type flying gloves, and changed the C type helmet chin strap and MkVIII goggle strap to grey.


Making a tan cotton aertex E type flying helmet now, for the MTO MkIX skins to follow.


Note to ED:


That two-snap leather tab on the left side of the helmet is part of the O2 mask straps. If the mask is removed, that tab should disappear too!



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