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Stuttering solved


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Right until yesterday I was dealing with what many others here described as stuttering/micro-freezes in DCS 1.5.5. It was driving me crazy - DCS was the only game to do that and apart from those issues I had 100-200 fps. It happened most often when using zoom or looking around in the cockpit.


My rig for reference:


Intel i5 6600k @ 4.5GHz OC

Asus Z170P D3 mobo


Geforce 970

Windows 10


I tried to go back to my CPU stock values, as some of you reported issues when overclocking, but it didn't help.


My second thought was to lower the setting to their minimal values. The only thing that accomplished was making everything look like shit, but it was still stuttering...


Next, I bought the cheapest SSD I could find and installed DCS on it = no effect, problems were still there.


I went ahead and reinstalled Win 10 onto the SSD, installing DCS right after that (also on SSD) = no effect.


So the only option left was to try with Windows 7 - and my mobo did not make that install easy, let me tell you that. Anyway, four hours later I was looking at the default Win 7 desktop installed on the SSD. I installed DCS (also on SSD) and voila = no more problems.


I went ahead and turned pretty much all important graphics options to max (apart from the DoF - wtf ED?) along with v-sync and right now I'm looking at stable 60 fps when zooming and looking around. Granted, there is an occasional stutter here and there, but that's something I had even before this whole mess started. Overall it's a smooth, fluid experience and I can fly again.


I do not guarantee it will help everyone, but maybe you'll be closer to solving this particular issue if it's driving you crazy - like it was driving me crazy. Thought I'd share my experience :)

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  • ED Team

Maybe your hardware works better with windows 7?


it is difficult in many cases to diagnose with so many different configurations out there


I use windows 10, and I do not have any issues, it can be hit and miss for many users, but thanks for sharing your experience.


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It could be that Win 7 is less demanding that Win 10 when 8GB of RAM is in play. Glad you got it mostly sorted out.


HW Spec in Spoiler



i7-10700K Direct-To-Die/OC'ed to 5.1GHz, MSI Z490 MB, 32GB DDR4 3200MHz, EVGA 2080 Ti FTW3, NVMe+SSD, Win 10 x64 Pro, MFG, Warthog, TM MFDs, Komodo Huey set, Rverbe G1


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