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Who owns DCS? Does Eagle Dynamics? Does the Fighter Collection? I read where The Fighter Collection is also a software developer and as indicated, owns DCS. This was confusing in this article I read.

So does TFC hire ED to also develop aircraft that TFC wants developed to integrate into DCS? So ED is the overall manager but not the owner of DCS as such?

Does Matt own part of DCS? I believe he is a producer...just curious if he is also an owner?

ED also develops military software and can leverage some of its military product into DCS....like the Combined Arms product line for us civilians. I know that several of the other third party developers also develop for military. I would think they can also within restrictions use parts of their code for commercial sales.

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DCS: Digital Combat Simulator. (air modules, Land (CA) and coming naval modules (carrier modules)).


The Fighter Collection has the Publisher.

Eagle Dynamics has the DCS: World and modules main develop group, others has Belsimtek as Partner / 3rd party and other as Aviodev, Leatherneck, Polychop, RAZBAM, VEAO, etc as 3rd parties.


Matt has Eagle Dynamics Producer.


You can check the military / professional branch here:



ED, Belsimtek and others as Avia ltd, Concord XXI, Dinamika, etc make products to the professional / military market.


And the EDGE engine branch (professional):



A-10C has based on A-10C DDT to USA Air National Guard, AC-130 Gunner DTT to USAF and Drone control station trainer, CA has based on Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) trainer desktop, other was Belsimtek has make professional products (Mi-8 trainer). ED and others, make Maps to professional market.


The main restriction can be locked by security, restricted data or contract, the A-10C and CA was approved to entertainment market (with some changes), I think similar situation was similar with BSK Mi-8, but normaly the professional market has very restricted with your products.

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