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Skynet Attack : WIP : NTTR map

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Hi !


I am glad to present the mission "Skynet Attack" which is the multiplayer version of the "Huey chase".

Although it is still at WIP stage it is quite playable. I tested it for host-player and it works quite normal.

Now I invite you to test this stuff and give feedback! Your comments and feedback are very welcomed!


The actions are mostly the same: TUNE IN > FLY ON > PURSUE > FIND AND DESTROY SOURCE.

As previously, you need to keep rather short distance to capture the suspected vehicle.

After pursued vehicle will have reached its destination, you will have less one minute to catch it or get away from the powerful blast!


The chase remains the main part of this mission. But now several suspect vehicles may appear at once and its total number will increase with time.

By setting appropriate values for certain parameters you have ability to tune behavior of this invasion depending on the planned number of players.


To stop attack you need to find and destroy the source units. Each caught vehicle shrinks the search area.

Thus, the more you catch, the more accurately you know where is the source.

But, each catch also increases the chance that Skynet will intercept control of some aircraft.

When the search area is small enough, you can try to find the source.

Beware of the SAM units that will become active if you approach too close to the source (this distance is set by the parameter SAMrange = 150 -- m)!

And do not leave your air base completely unattended!



Hope you like it!


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Hi! A fun mission, once you get the hang of it!

Some feedback:

You should include a more detailed mission description in the in-game briefing. The first times I tried it, it wasn't clear to me what I was supposed to do. And what about the aircraft that gets controlled by Skynet? Do I need to shoot them down, or fly close and detain?

When I tune in to the frequencies of the vehicles, I only get homing signal in very short bursts, making it all but impossible to track them down if not using labels. Is this by design, or a bug in the latest version of DCS? If it's by design, you could provide just a fraction longer signal bursts, as it is now, it's too hard.

Thanks for the hard work and some fun flying!

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...When I tune in to the frequencies of the vehicles, I only get homing signal in very short bursts, making it all but impossible to track them down if not using labels...!



Hi Sharkku! Thanks for the feedback! It seems that now the transmission time equal to the sound file time rather than the time that I specified in script (earlier, transmission lasted until I explicitly stopped it in the script). I will try to fix it (add silence to the file) and give more detailed answer.

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I fixed the problem with homing signal by fitting duration of the sound files accordingly to the script parameter.

(now duration of the Radio_Snap.ogg and Radio_Snap_Bomb.ogg should be less than value of the c.snapInt)


There is another problem that I detected but could not fully fix. Vehicles tightly stuck in the city and almost never reach their destination.

Here is how it will look with a high probability, when you reach the signal:



I tried to minimize contents of the in-game briefing and included into it only the main goals and basic procedure from the attached pdf.

As a matter of fact, I could add only the story from this pdf, because mission has no precise flight plan.

You should decide only on your own how to complete the main goals. As example: you can start on unarmed Huey because it more maneuverable.

But in this case, a situation is possible when it will be very difficult to refuel if the airfield will be attacked from the air at this time.

On the other hand, starting on the armed Huey the detention of each vehicle will take more time (or maybe not), but it will be easier to get rid of the attackers.




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