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Calculating V_1, V_r, V_2


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Hi all


I was looking for any references or tables for calculating decision, rotate, and liftoff speeds for the Razbam M2K. Also of interest is take-off runway length and maximum allowable crosswind component when landing.


Any help will be appreciated as I can't find any of the above in the flight manual despite these being some of the most fundamental numbers with regard to safe flight. I realise this particular information being missing is not uncommon to DCS simulator aircraft but I am hoping alternate sources exist. What would be even better is if someone could convince the developers that this data may just be valuable to purchasers of "high fidelity" simulations and so worthwhile adding to the flight manuals.


Kind Regards and thanks in advance to anyone able to help.




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Here you will get usefull info about real data

But it s in french



all my skins :



Core i7-4790 @ 3.6- 4GHz - 16GB

- nVidia RTX 2070 - 2xSSD -

GRANDIN TV screen 39" in 1920x1080 cockpit scale 1:1

- MS FFB2 Joystick

- DIY MIDI Throttle with 14 analogic sliders and knobs

- Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals


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For the mirage the most important thing is the Jx (box with Number on hud)

Jx is THE way to control the nominal acceleration of the aircraft regarding Conf/payload, QNH,T°C,Runway state, afterburner or dry.

Before the flight, crew, compute the Jx then eventually the Vr wich is not as important as the Jx.

The Jx is checked at 80 Kts, if you don't have at least Jx Mini wich is Nominal Jx minus 10 per cent you have to abort!


Dry power on brakes

Engine RPM & T7 checked (95-103% T7>800°C<870°C 88Kg/min ish)

No warnings


Breakes released, Afterburner!

3 secs after check PC light On


80Kts Jx>Jx Mini

Vrot rotate

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