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  1. Airborne Warning And Kommand System /joke, I'm out !
  2. I had some DX11 crashes recently. Actually it seems that GeForce Experience did a bad job at updating the drivers. I went to Nvidia website, selected the game ready drivers according to my system. During installation select “custom” then “clean installation”. It will remove previous divers and install again from scratch. You will loose Nvidia control panel settings, so write it down before. I hope this help.
  3. Thanks. I found it by myself and it was indeed graphics drivers, I had to do a clean installation of Nvidia drivers. Since then problem is solved. DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED error : SOLVED After solving this problem I received a new GC. Now I’m trying to figure out why going from GTX 1080ti to RTX 3080 doesn’t improve fps with same settings on HP Reverb G2 ? (I7-7700K, 64Go RAM DDR-4 3200, Windows on M2 SSD and DCS on another SSD). GPU isn’t maxed out, CPU cores aren’t maxed out, RAM isn’t, single player missions with low number of units. The only thing maxed out is VRAM on RTX 3080.
  4. OK, third clean installation of the day. This time I did nothing. Just after installation I launched once with my log in. Did nothing, close, re-launch = CTD ! "Saved game" folder is brand new, 0 mod, 0 module installed, Windows 10 is up to date, GPU drivers are up to date. dcs.log-20220502-124756.zip
  5. Out of the blue I had CTD and "repair" wouldn't fix it. I did a fresh re-install, I still have CTD ! I can't launch the game anymore it's a <profanity> show !
  6. BLG-66 Belouga cluster bombs should eject the sub-munitions in the wake of their travel and successively from back ring to forward ring. Also the submunition should be stabilized by drag chute in order to point downward. Currently in DCS the cluster bomb is throwing the submunitions forward.
  7. I'm late, but it's working great right now !
  8. The original manual was by Baltic Dragon, but the reworked manual is by @myHelljumper
  9. You can set up a dedicated server on a lap top. You don't need powerful GPU to run server, it doesn't run graphics at all. Setting up a dedicated server is free.
  10. I cheated and put that on my HOTAS
  11. Apparently, the track files are OK if you play in MP on a DEDICATED server. You need to get the dedicated server track. It will allow you to replay and record external views footages.
  12. AFAIK (I did fiddled with M-2000C RWR to fill blanks, but I got inspiration from US RWR), modules RWR should be updated with the new unit ID and threat code. This isn't in the AI mod side, it's on users aircraft modules. But it should displayed at least as U for unknown.
  13. HDU + slaved FLIR & gun turret win the game for the Apache.
  14. Guys, if you fly in VR, for screenshots & videos you can choose in DCS VR option to render the right eye, so you will be able to capture the IHADSS rendering
  15. My two cents: - radar missile: great to obliterate vehicles/ convoys in open terrain - laser missile: you can paint anything you want to destroy with a laser. From MBT to foot machine gunner
  16. I don't really understand the war between Force Feedback mode/ centre spring mode. I think it was more or less the same for every single helicopter since Ka-50. Use what you prefer. I'm in centre spring mode. At first it was a little bit frustrating, because I didn't handled it as well as Mi-24. But now just under 06 hours of flight time (which is nothing, but maybe can give and idea, your millage may vary) I start to feel more comfortable flying around, tactical flight, coming to a hover and landing. Yep, a lot of foot work so far, it will be probably easier when flight assistance sub-modes will be available. Just practice guys, take your time and build your muscle memory. You will master it
  17. I has been said to be planned for future development.
  18. Personally, after a few hours, I don’t see the need for a trim reset. But I don’t mind if you get it. What we need the most IMHO is the full set of flight assistance modes: - Hover hold - Heading hold - Ground speed hold - Proper functions of ATT Hold. These will make it much more stable and a better weapon platform.
  19. Great, in the meantime I think a cool and quick improvement could be to have George switch targets down the list after hitting one rather than having to relaunch a search.
  20. Yep, that’s it. A little bit frustrating right now, but it’s early access. I hope they will improve flight assistance quickly. When flying with George, you have to micro-manage him and to take care of the TSD by yourself, it does increase the work load…
  21. I do, first thing I did after installation. But it’s like I’m holding it still, trim tap, quick controls recentre, and it’s wobbling around new position. By successive smaller trim action I can get it stable, but it’s more work than it should. I also used the Hind before so I’m aware of these trimming problems.
  22. It takes a little bit of practice, but finally, with frequent FTR tap and quick controls recentrer, it’s acceptable, not perfect but acceptable. But we are currently missing most of flight assistance modes, such as HEADING HOLD (huge help), AUTO HOVEr below 05kt, GROUND SPEED HOLD (Vs + Vy) between 05kt and 40kt, auto wings level with ATT HOLD above 40kt if roll < 03°. When all these modes will be available, most of these problems will be solved. My only problem so far is when I trim in one direction and return control ps to neutral I get a small nod in the opposite direction.
  23. jojo

    Trim Type?

    I understood this in the manual as "description not written yet" Apparently the pitch/ roll hold works, but that's all it does
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