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No warning when landing with retracted gear


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So, as I allready wrote in another thread, my first attempt at landing the Viggen was rather embarrasing. Of all things, like I never landed a (simulated) plane before, I forgot to extend my landing gear. :doh:


I was told in that thread (and confirmed that with manual), that I should get a master caution light, together with a LANDSTÄLL anunciator light while under 375 km/h, below 1500 m and with throttle no more than 90% with gears up. Tested it several times with and the indication simply does not show up. My altitude was low enough, and I flew as slow as the airplane allows me with throttle full or nearly full back and all I got was the stall warning sound.


I even tried it in various modes, including both landing modes, with L1 or L2 selected as my waypoint, or without it (although I think it should not matter).


During gear transition, LANDSTÄLL light behaves as advertised.


I am still very inexperienced with this aircraft, so I am not sure if I'm not doing something wrong. If so, I apologize for this useless bug report. But can someone with more knowledge please look into the matter? Thanks!

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