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Can't get ships course/speed in SPA/SKU mode.


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I'm messing around with the reconnaissance mode, but I can't get the speed and course of a ship.


I have read the reconnaissance part in the manual several times and i did it exactly the same way as described.


1. Find the ship on the radar screen (Now going in SPA master mode).

2. Press T1 and slew the radar cursor above the ship (data display shows bearing and distance).

3. Press TV to get a fix. Press T0 to release the button.

4. Now I press the L/MAL button and data panel 1 to select my fix and watch its LAT/LON (destination indicator shows M1).

5. After I pressed the LS/SKU button twice in rapid. (data display shows a red 1).

6. Now I select the target in the SKU layer by pressing LS/SKU and data panel 1. (destination indicator shows S1).

7. Waiting for 4 minutes.

8. Press T1 to take a new fix (destination indicator shows a solid S1).

9. Slew the radar cursor above the ship again.

10. Now pressing and holding the TV button.


Now the data display shows nothing but latitude and longitude.


I'm missing something here or is it not working yet?

Perhaps it's a problem with the T0-T1-TV buttons. Mapped T0 to a single button and T1 and TV to a two detent button on my X52 joystick.


I'm just a little curious about this reconnaissance mode and i think it's great for multiplayer! :joystick:

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No same Issue here. Cant get tracks displayed, also with a S type destination selected no fix preparation is shown [range and bearing from self] like in mal.


Also cant clear any reconaissance targets by pressing rensa.



*unexpected flight behaviour* Oh shiii*** ! What ? Why ? What is happening ?

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