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  1. Thanks for your help. Thought I was missing something. My conclusion is, to fly the flight plan and try to hit the waypoint time by watching the ETA of the waypoint on the HSI. The leg between IP and target I could fly by the TOT function. Is this right? I have seen Matt's video, but it's only explaining to hit your target at a specific time, not the whole flight plan.
  2. Hello, I'm currently flying a campaing with the hornet. I would like to follow the given flight plan time critical (see screenshot). I know you can enter TOT in the UFC and I have read the manual. How do I follow the given flight plan, in time, in my campaing? I really would like to join up with my package and hit my targets on time. Can't find anything in the forum regarding this. Thanks!
  3. Same on my campaign, fps improves but you are exploding on mission start. There is an other plane spawning inside your plane and I have the feeling that the plane is spawning in the ground. Maybe we have to wait for an "official" fix or something. :)
  4. I only get 1-2 fps after starting the mission and confirm the briefing. After leaving the mission the debriefing is opened and I can confirm if I agree with the mission. Did I messed up something? I'm on version OB with "FA18 over Caucasus-Multirole".
  5. I think it's a problem on ED's site. Same problems apear on the AJS37 Viggen if I'm right.
  6. Look here, maybe it's an answer. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=196900
  7. Good to know, thanks for the response! :thumbup:
  8. It's very difficult to find targets on the ground if there is no remarkable building or landmark. Is it possible to slew sensors to waypoints? Or is there some special technic besides using MK1 eyeball? Can't find anything in the manual or in the forum right now.
  9. You only need to share your init.lua file for now. Currently testing how I could draw custom kneeboards. It's working but it's a bit tricky right now, because Heatblur is using a custom kneeboard implementation. It should be doable!
  10. Really nice tutorial! Thanks for creating this tutorial for everyone that have still problems. Small questions to you guys. - Do we need thread circles on map? Like predefined thread circles for SA-10, SA-05, MANPADs and so on? - Do we need a function do draw lines on the map that enables us to draw borders or something? - Should the flight planner create a kneedboard like page with the flight plan details (Distance, Heading, G/S and so on)? Update: Currently implementing a application trace log that helps me to identify errors on exporting and importing the data cartridges! Still got no answer whats wrong with TOT. It's my highest priority to implement it right now. But without developer input I can't do this.
  11. Oke, I didn't find any errors right know, I'll implement some sort of trace log in my application that logs all errors in a local log file. This will help me to solve such issues in the future, but I need a little bit time to do that. I could reproduce the issue only by writing trash in the init.lua (especially in the Lat/Lng field, but your init.lua is perfectly fine.
  12. It does need only .NET 4.6.1 or higher should be oke. I didn't find any error so far. I'm confused :huh:. Are you using version 0.0.2 or 0.0.1? Is the error on both versions?
  13. The mission time starts with the spawn of the plane. I have noticed some problems with TOT too. How should we sync TOT on a multiplayer session? I can't set the TOT correctly with the data cartridge file.
  14. Thanks for uploading your init file. I've imported your init file successfully and altered the flight plan and saved it to the same file without an error. Everything seems to work. - Could you show me the whole error message? - Do you have .NET 4.6.1 installed? - Are you using version 0.0.2?
  15. Attach your init file. Maybe I spot the error. You can try to import the sample init in the documents folder, maybe this works.
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