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Returning aircraft don't park where assigned

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I put together a mission where while me and my wingman are waiting for our engines to warm up we can watch a couple of other flights taxi and takeoff. It gives us something to look at.


Take off is not a problem but when they return to land they come in the opposite direction from which they took off.


I specifically assign each aircraft a spot to spawn in at start up and assign them that same parking spot to taxi back to after landing.


They don't go where ordered.


They start in the correct spot but after landing they don't park where I assigned them to park.

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Yes, you are correct. For AI, parking in an assigned spot after landing has never worked.


You may be able to get around this if you're the mission builder. Just place a fuel truck or another static object in the places where you don't want the AI to park. He'll pass by it. If there's no parking spots remaining at all for him, he will de-spawn.

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