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  1. I'm not using VR. I use a 2560x1080 34" monitor and have old 368.39 nvidia drivers. I just started getting these flickering shadows a few updates ago. Open alpha has this issue too: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=188574
  2. We are now noticing, in multiplayer, the reappearance of the old bug of getting "slowdown/stoppage/jerky/laggy" when dropped CBU 97's deploy/explode. Anyone else noticing this again?
  3. This is also very noticeable in ver 1.5.7 (Caucasus map) for trees/forests shadows. This bug was just introduced in one of the latest patches and it's possible ED doesn't even know they messed something up yet. :doh:
  4. 69. Flying my computer chair since 1983. 1st sim... Microprose's Hellcat Ace on a modded Atari 400.
  5. I was fortunate to have a female DCS user make voice overs for me in my "Steel Winter" series of missions. Kimi "Sockmonkey" Hahn played the parts of a C-130 pilot and a drone pilot in 3 of the 6 missions. With today's woman taking an increased part in civil and military aviation, I think it added realism and immersion to the missions, breaking the monotony of all male voices. I would welcome the option of selecting a mix of male and female voices in DCS, for both ATC and pilots.
  6. Thanks knix15. Great video! Although recent patches have broken some things in these missions, I'm glad you still enjoy them. Our squadron is flying them again right now and I've had to make some hasty repairs so they work properly again in ver 1.5.7 Once 2.5 is out and fairly stable and if I'm still around, I'll update them all and perhaps make a few new ones.
  7. I know what you're feeling like Ramstein. I've been flight simming for 35 years and I'll be turning 70 in a few months. The old Mk I eyeballs are not what they used to be but I'm still getting in 4-5 multiplayer flights per week in 3 different sims. I can still see my monitor well but I realize that I could possibly not be able to drive my car in a few more years. I don't worry about having lost some reaction time, some of my squadron mates are older than I am! We're known as "The Old Fokkers".
  8. Is the autoexec.cfg file even used by the game anymore? My server has the line: options.graphics.render3D = false added but it no longer prevents graphics from showing. So is my line no longer supported, or is the entire autoexec.cfg file no longer used by the game? :dunno:
  9. Don't put in the "CAM_beta" folder. Use the folder inside named "Civil Aircraft Mod".
  10. Sync errors still abound. Planes getting hit by missiles that are drawn some distance away. My plane exploding seconds after I have evaded a missile and watched it fly away from me.
  11. Well I already have the Saitek Combat Pedals and they are fine for me. They are not a top quality product but they also didn't cost me as much as the premium pedals cost nowadays. I've had my Saitek Combat pedals since 2011. I bought them when they were $180 U.S. dollars. They've always worked perfectly compared to my old Thrustmaster ones which kept breaking springs, and my Saitek Pro's which would often come off the track if pushed to end of their travel. You have to understand these are not $360 Crosswinds, they are medium priced pedals made of plastic and aluminum. Mine work as good now as they did when they were new 6 years ago, no problems. The toe brakes are a bit sensitive and the springs for the toe brakes are too light. Other than that I'm very happy with them. Unfortunately they are nearly impossible to find new, and the price is too high when you do. Logitec/Saitek will no longer repair them if you have a failure, so you'll have to tear them apart yourself. Found this out when a friends Combat pedals failed after years of hard use. And be careful who you listen to about reviewing Saitek products. Listen to owners and previous owners only. Often comments come from those who don't even own Saitek but just want to jump on the bashing train for some of their known issues. I'd buy another pair if the price was right, but I don't see that happening. I don't know how long my 6 year old pedals will continue to work so I'm putting some cash away here and there for Crosswinds. :thumbup:
  12. I'm getting this ground shimmering also in ver 1.5.7 after the most recent patch.
  13. Here's a video that shows several instances of these problems. My favorite instance is from 5:30 to 5:40 seconds in the video. You'll see a missile miss, passing over and to the rear of the Su-27 by a large amount, then 5 sec later the plane explodes. This has happened to me several times since 1.5.7. I've evaded the missile fired at me, even watched it as it went by me, missing by a fair margin.... no other missiles in the air... then a few seconds later my planes explodes. __________________ If you're not a mutiplayer pilot.... you're just playing with yourself.
  14. Thanks! Any official news on the status of this particular problem would be much appreciated. _________________ If you're not a mutiplayer pilot.... you're just playing with yourself.
  15. Ouch! I have a Su-33 multiplayer mission to destroy moving ships coming up next week. I'll let you know what we see. ____________ If you're not a mutiplayer pilot.... you're just playing with yourself.
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