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  1. Bringing this back up. I was on a 4Ya server in a tomcat. Engaged an F-14A he launch a sparrow, I launched a Sparrow. He maneuvered and lost his lock on me . His sparrow went stupid. He turned back in got a radar lock and his Sparrow got smart again made a hard left turn and hit me in the face. Sparrows should not do that.
  2. Thank you. Looks real nice.
  3. This started in a thread about the AA-10. Turns out it might be a bug.
  4. just for giggles last post in this thread, I don't want to beat a dead horse. Happened again. This time I took two AIM-54's. Shot down one SU-27 at range switched to Sparrow, locked second guy up at 20 miles and launched head on. He also Launched. He evades my missile but also loses lock. I switch to heaters and close in. His nose comes around and again his missile which had gone dumb and was suppose to pass down my left side gets smart again, makes a hard left turn and reacquires me. TRACK and Tac-View attached Tacview-20220118-151818-DCS-1 Case 1airstart ALERT 5 2_SU-27Day nice.zip.acmi server-20220118-151805.trk
  5. Well that didn't take long. It happened again. Attached the Tav-View File. Same thing, we both fire he evades all missiles go stupid. He turns back toward me and his missile goes smart again. This time I got another lock tone in my headset. I assumed he had shot another missile. I went into the notch and barely made it. Died later but that is a another issue completely related to my inability to fly the jet correctly. Maybe this thread should be moved to an official bug thread. The AA-10 Semi active being able to reacquire is a major advantage over the AIM-7 and as far as I have researched not at all accurate. Tacview-20220118-143819-DCS-1 Case 1airstart ALERT 5 2_SU-27Day nice.zip.acmi
  6. Thanks for the reply's. No the jammer was not active. I'm going to do some more practicing and see if it happens again.
  7. I know that the semi-active radar homing AIM-7 requires a lock from the launch platform during the entire TOF of the missile from launch to impact. Does the AA-10 semi-active missile have the same restriction? I ask this because I was practicing against an SU-27. I launched, he launched, I press, he breaks hard to his left , beams my radar and I lose lock. He loses lock as well, the launch warning and lock tones go away in my headset. Both missiles go stupid. As he turns back into me I get a lock with a sidewinder and launch, then I blow up from a missile hit. His AA-10 that had gone dumb got smart again as his nose came on. I was under the impression that once semi active radar homing missiles go dumb after launch they stay dumb. At least my AIM-7 does. In Tac-View you see his missile go straight and dumb as he maneuvers, then gets smart again. It was going to pass down my left side but instead makes a hard left turn and hits me. I'm running the latest beta with the super carrier mod. Attached is my track and the TAC-VIEW File Tacview-20220118-065457-DCS-1 Case 1airstart ALERT 5 2_SU-27Day nice.zip.acmi server-20220118-065436.trk
  8. I'm hoping someone can verify this for me. I was practicing 1v2 against two SU-27 each with two Radar and two heaters. I had two AIM-7MH and two AIM-9M. After shooting down one of the Flankers I'm thinking I'm in pretty good shape. Right up until I lost site of the other bad guy. Jester is making call outs. First he says "he's out in front, Go Get 'em!!" I'm looking and don't see a thing nor does the radar. Less than a second later he says "Seven O'clock High!" I crank the jet left, nothing there! Then Jester screams "he's on our six!!" I crank the jet around again. Turns out Jester was still calling the enemy pilot in his parachute as an active adversary instead of ignoring him. I didn't know this until I reviewed the fight on TAC VIEW Has anyone else experienced this?
  9. Wow something so simple.. Thank you!
  10. I was recently watching an older video from Matt explaining how to put a carrier into a mission. When he selected the carrier and placed it on the map you could actually see the carrier in the mission builder. This made placing static objects easy. I'm my mission builder (using latest beta with super carrier) I don't see any carrier. When I want to place a static object I place it n the map and attach it to the boat. I then have to start the mission and look at the carrier to see where it is ,, go back to mission editor move the object by guestimation to where it needs to be then start the mission and look again. Rinse and repeat until it is where I want it. Image 1 is the carrier that appeared in Matt's mission building video. Image 2 is what I see in my mission editor when I place a carrier on a map.
  11. Here are the log files. I had four in the folder. https://www.mediafire.com/file/mrq4hgnlogty4gz/dcs.log-20210727-190236.zip/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/7z3q1srh6oxpgjp/dcs.log-20210727-192207.zip/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/4o85v8irbg74fwz/dcs.log-20210727-192952.zip/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/u97pb8w3nmtl2uz/dcs.log-20210727-203646.zip/file Hope this helps. Regards, Ccrashh
  12. I know this going to sound strange but I have been testing all morning to verify my thoughts. I have never flown the Marianas map with a Tomcat. Only the F-18. Yesterday I set up a carrier (Super Carrier mod) to practice touch and go's. Everything worked fine until I was inbound to the ship and tried to put the HUD in landing configuration. As soon as I did the game CTD. I rebooted and again the same thing happened when trying to go into a landing HUD. I could switch to the landing mode while on deck without any issues. After takeoff and then changing the HUD mode again the CTD. The game generated crash reports and I sent them all off to whomever they go to. At first I thought my game might be messed up after the last problem I had with Authentication failure following the latest update. That issue was cleared up with the "repair" application but still I was worried. Ok here is the weird part. The CTD when switching HUD to landing only happens when I am on the Marianas map. I have been practicing all day on other maps without any problem. Only happens on the Marianas map.
  13. I just finished with the latest update to 2.7.4 Now when I start DCS I get an authorization failed error and I have no idea what the "China Asset Pack" is. Do I ignore it or is my game broken? I have a lousy DSL connection. It took me three days to get the latest update. To re download the whole smash will take me two weeks.
  14. Running latest standard version with Military AC and Civilian AC mod. Night mission Nellis AFB, KC-135 MPRS taxis to the runway and turns on lights before takeoff. The light itself is white, the beam reflected off the side of the AC and the runway is magenta. No other aircraft taking off (B-52, AWACS) have this issue.
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