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boresighting problem RB75B and RB75T


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Yeah the RB-75B and T do not bore-sight themselves upon going from T-1 to T-0 and they don't unlock the target going from TV to T-1.


They keep locking random things on the ground while I'm slewing and the radar stick trigger isn't pulled to the TV detent.


Moreover, once any of the RB-75s lock onto something (which in my case can unfortunately be a street-lamp, power-line tower, or anything in-between...and rather amusingly I was trying to kill an SA-3 launcher and he launched right as I tried to lock him with the mav seeker. I ended up locking onto his own missile instead of the launcher and I couldn't un-lock it to acquire the launcher and get the mav off and evade, so I just evaded without launching anyway.) It doesn't seem to want to un-lock or bore-sight once going off to T-1 or T-0 on the radar trigger.

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