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  1. Very strange, in one of my missions where the AI SU-25's are supposed to target vehicles like BMP's and Bradleys with Kh-25ML they completely miss their targets. I mean WAY off! When swapped in for Su-25T this problem does not seem to occur. When I fly the SU-25 in the same mission, I have no problem hitting the targets. I have the same prpblem in the latest stable build for STEAM as well as in the latest Open Beta.
  2. Djeez did I loose a lot of time with the waypoints from the ME not working before realizing something was wrong. How do you load waypoints from the F10 map? Is there a quick tutorial on that somewhere?
  3. I guess AI aircraft apply the same logic? Would explain what happened to me with the (un)friendly AI. Was in a furball situation where I was close to the bandits.
  4. I do not know if it is related, but since the latest update I've been killed two times in a row by an AIM-120C of my own AI wingman! Two different missions, 1 mission I was flying F-16C, the second F-15C. In both cases my AI wingman shoots me when I ask him to engage bandits. Is there a comms command to express my hurt feeling to my AI wiingman before I bail out?
  5. Ah OK I will try that, I think I didn't have an Area track running.
  6. Do I understand it right that when you activate LST it switches to the DMT? So the Litening pod is in the Harrier not capable of LST functionality? That would be utterly strange, it would mean the radar-equipped Harrier, which doesn't have the DMT, cannot laser track? It was my understanding that the DMT was no longer used when they installed the TPOD?
  7. New Russian single engine fighter jet unveiled: https://edition.cnn.com/2021/07/20/europe/russia-checkmate-fighter-jet-unveiling-intl/index.html
  8. Sometimes, when I dive into some enemy positions to do a good gun strafing or rocket attack, the Mi-24P abruptly banks to the the right, losing lift and crashing straight into the ground. When it happens control inputs fail to have any effect. I guess this is a correctly modeled effect of the tail rotor no longer having windstream due to the main rotor wash? Is there something I can do to avoid this?
  9. The Mi-24P is absolutely bonkers! Fantastic work ED!!!
  10. PS I think what was happening, when Mig-23's are coming straight unto you, and go wings swept back, they just disappear from the radar between about 25 miles and 10 miles, no possibility to get them back in TWS, whatever frequency / scan volume. So this must have to do with the RCS of the Mig-23 model in game.
  11. Makes sense! I have to withdraw what I said: I made a new mission, same distance, height, but other map and better weather, and now things worked normal, I could get stable TWS lock on two tracks from around 20 NM, not 10 as I posted before. I still do not understand what goes wrong in the other mission, but anyway so I have no reason to claim something is wrong with the patch.
  12. I tried both. By narrowing the scan I can detect better, but I continuously loose lock, in a way that makes TWS irrelevant. I resort to waiting till they are close enough and lock themin boresight ACM. To be sure after the latest path I experience problems *below* 40 NM. Very strange. With the F-16 no problems of course, but it's the Hornet I'm worried about, I like that is more realistically modelled, but my feeling is something is not OK, TWS really became useless for me (single player, againt AI).
  13. Anyway something is just clearly wrong with the latest patch: Against AI Mig-23's at 20K altitude I have relatively useful detection range when I narrow my sweep, but I loose lock continuously (in whatever mode). The AI Migs can engage me first 100% of the time. They are actually not really manoeuvring as they are AI. It is only when I boresight the radar when the bandits are within 10 NM that I can lock and engage.
  14. Anyways after the last patch I have really difficulties to detect head-on Mig-21's and Mig-23's with the Hornet radar. at 20K I can only start to detect them reliably at somewhat more than 10 miles, whether I do RWS, TWS, HI/MED/Interleave, the contact is faint and the lock almost immediately broken. It is only when I am in boresight mode that I can get a stable lock. That is a serious degradation over the earlier versions.
  15. On the "one design fits all" question: I'm not sure they could have made a navalised version of the F-16. You need to put the bigger gear somewhere, you need strengthened airframe and you need more low-speed controlability hence maybe a bigger wing. So if they would have opted for a one size fits all for 4th gen, it would have been the Hornet. We would have missed out on one of the very best fighters ever! I also think the F-35A has in some aspects a suboptimal design due to the F-35B requirements. It could have been slicker, and cheaper. It' still a magnficent aircraft of course, ,and with the future adaptive cycle engine could really come of age.
  16. I must say I like the ATFLIR very much! Don't know why really, but it's interface seems more natural. (I have no clue of course how it would be in reality). OK less zoom, but I find keeping a broader overview also important. And yes, if you fly Navy / carrier based then you should load the ATFLIR!
  17. Maybe add that Dubai Runway 12L doesn't have active ILS regardless of the wind, You should use runway 30R to land, as the radio correctly indicates. Maybe it's because they always want to take off over the sea?
  18. Well, I guess it's official now: https://www.airforcemag.com/usaf-to-cut-f-35-buy-in-future-years-defense-plan/ It's a boondoggle. Good engineering offers capability at an anticipated cost. That's not really the case here. F-35 is for sure a better Harrier and an excellent F-117 - both niche aircraft - but simply too costly to replace the F-16 in substantial numbers. Overhyping "first day of war" in an century of decades-long conflicts is a bit tricky. Don't forget Pearl Harbor was a "first day of war".
  19. Same here ! Too bad, current combat operations are heavily intertwined with civilian traffic so ILS should work, and should be a priority since eg in situations where you have two parallell runways often IFR rules always apply for safe separation and this requires ILS.
  20. Was really funny, I was practicing some landings at Batumi in IFR with several aircraft, and when I tried to land with the Mig-29G, it bounced like hell and I always crashed. What I found so strange was that I tried to land at about 250 km/h on the HUD (Mi-g-29 landing speed), until I noticed something strange: it indicated a desired landing speed of only 140 ! Now that seemed to work. It is only then that I realizd the Mig-29G displays the HUD speed in knots, not km/h !!! A flight in the Mig-29A confirmed everything: here I could easily land at 250 on the HUD!
  21. Oops just found out: WP increment *long*, sets T0; I was always pressing WP increment short!
  22. Sorry but I do no longer manage to get the JDAM symbology, and cannot get a launch authorisation anymore for teh JDAM. I'm in TPOD DES / TPOD DES with a target designated. What do I press next?
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