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Can't edit .lau files for skins


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Having a bit of an issue working on a skin. Whenever I edit a .lau file using Notepad, the skin I am working on will no longer show up in the ED Model Viewer or in game. Essentially, the last skin that has been viewed will appear in its place. I get no error when saving the .lau file.


What I can do is exit the texture template files and replace a current skin. I can drop my new .DDS files in place of old ones and I can view the changes that way. I can create a new folder, copy an existing description.lau file and I can view it in the ED Model Viewer fine. But as doing this will not change the in game display name, you can not view it in game. Typically I will edit the name here:



name = "Insert In Game Name"



And remove bort numbers if needed. But again, as soon as I make a small change, merely changing the name = part, the skin will simply not show up. This means I can not add the new skin to the game, and only replace one of the default ones.


I have made a number of skins before and never had this issue. I am running Windows 10 Pro 64bit, and I have recently installed the Anniversary Update. I am not sure if this update has changed anything that might be causing this problem. DCS is installed in Program Files x86.


The last time I made skins was for the F-5E skin contest a few months back and I never had this issue. The only thing I can think of is an update to DCS or the Win 10 Anniversary Update. If anyone has any pointers to solving this issue I would appreciate it.

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