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mist.teleportToPoint + getSurfaceType?


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So I have a little problem.


I use mist.teleportToPoint to teleport friendly ground units to a point on a radius around an enemy group. Sometimes that makes them end up on top of a mountain peak or some such so they are stuck there. I was wondering if it is possible to make a command that first finds a random point in a radius around the enemy group, and from that finds the closest point that is a road, and then places the friendly ground units on that point.


What I'm using now is


mist.teleportToPoint({groupName="Friend", point=mist.getLeadPos('Enemy'), action="teleport", radius=9418, innerRadius=7408})

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There is no scripting function to just get the nearest point to a road, yet. However you'd kinda just have to brute force it by generating a random point or just drawing a line in a given direction and checking if it is on a road or not. There could be the possibility that a road simply isn't inside the area to randomly choose it. Alternatively you could simply check the terrain height of a given point and then check a few points around that new point to compare the height differences to see if it is flat enough.

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