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  1. That’s not going to happen. We’ve been asking for an interim solution or fixing of the old FLIR for years. They’re not going to do it now. It’ll be available for the other modules when ED feel like it. The only thing we can do is let them know that it is a feature that is desperately needed and hopefully it will be available sooner rather than later.
  2. No, the F/A-18, F-16 and A-10C are still on the old system too.
  3. Ok, so you're telling me these two are the same FLIR systems only tweaks to gain and contrast are neccessary? You locked the thread for this topic for the specific aircraft (A-10C II), should I start a new topic in that forum section or does this cover it?
  4. It’s not just reversed polarity. The new system is not implemented at all on the jets.
  5. I’m not seeing the new FLIR tech after the update. You guys got it working?
  6. I've started getting this message alot all of a sudden. How was this "resolved"?
  7. Open the GBU-38 model in model viewer and change the animation args.
  8. Thanks dude! Gad you like it.
  9. When controlling the AI through scripting or waypoint settings it is possible to make them use a specific kind of missile. The problem is the wingman comms menu that won’t go into which specific kind of missile you want your wingman to use. I put some effort into making a custom menu for controlling AI aircraft in a mission I made and made it possible to select which specific unit within a group to engage with which specific weapon. It makes for some great simultaneous attacks with the ai.
  10. I have noticed a problem with getting AI A-10 aircraft to fly to the tanker and refuel. They follow the tankers track but at a much lower altitude and never climb to connect to the tanker. I have also noticed that AI A-10 have problem connecting to the tanker when the tanker is in a turn. They will fly inches off the boom and only connect once the tanker levels out. Track attached of the rejoin problem. A10C_AI_Refueling_problem.trk
  11. They are referencing an upcoming A-10 upgrade which has nothing to do with celebratory paint schemes but is often wrongfully presented in that way.
  12. In real A-10: yes. In DCS A-10: no.
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