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This might seem like a strange question. I spend most of my time playing on multiplayer servers, especially Open Conflict. One thing that frustrates me is I have a hard time actually finding the moving ground targets for convoys and especially incursions within towns, such as AA emplacements. What do you folks do to spot targets, especially those that might be hidden among buildings and trees? I've observed that if I am spotted first I'm usually dead a short time later :D


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the easiest way is to get shot at and follow the tracers or smoke trail, maybe ask someone else to get shot at instead of yourself...


other than that, the only real way is to make good use of the Shkvals zoom function...

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Observe your ABRIS and find little red circle if you're on RED and vice versa and make it your target nav. Or you can hit F10 on the com menu and pick ground target from there to know where the heading is. When you approach the target area make sure not to close than 6-7 km just to be save. Search using your skhval slowly. When the view was obscured by something just move to other spot until you can see the target. K-50 is more like a sniper than rifleman.


For more info and tutorial I recommend you browse and see forum member name Reaper. He's considered KA-50 expert and master :D


Good luck

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