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Gauge Composer - Glass panel for Lockon/from Opencockpits


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In addition to simmeters another glasspanel utility, called Gauge Composer is now available for the Lockon series as an opensource project. The gauges are driven by a script language, so no extensive coding knowledge is necessary for the major functions.


The LO-IOCP/SIOC protocol of the Opencockpits modular platform has been already utilized in pit building for Lockon, you can seen some first cockpits at the french checksix Lockon forum which have cockpit warning lights, switches and buttons controlled by this system.. You can get the plans or kits of I/O cards in various stage of completion from them too..








Now, even better stuff, they can communicate directly between export.lua of Lockon and the SIOC protocol of Opencockpits, woot..


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Thats really great! So maybe someday all my plans can be realized even with LockOn! :)


Do you have a specific link to the pics of the cockpits? I can't find them in the C6-forums because my french isn't the best...


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I don't have the links at hand know, go to to the folder - simpits and then SU-25/27? I think.. Actually one of those guys said he is scraping it into Ka-50 instead.. :D





(you can use some online translator like babelfish)


For specifics go to search and type "sioc" or "opencockpits" and the threads will pop up..

There is some talk in english about it at the Opencockpits forum as well..



For the OpenCockpits I/O cards overview go here:




In fact the whole Ka-50 cockpit could be recreated incl. all the warning lights, buttons, switches, nav/ammo and c/f displays and what have you.


The only thing still missing is export of Shkval TV and ABRIS which ED devs have said nothing firm till this time, so lets hope it will be possible.. HUD export is possible thanks to simmeters guys already..

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Some kind of the following rudimentary schematics for the cockpit of Ka-50 might be included in the electronic manual for the BlackShark project, this would be a great value for the community at very little additional resources dedicated by the ED team:



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Well, I think it's more question about time than money, this is all opensource and diy based projects. If you dedicate it just few minutes per day - you might have a Ka-50 too after a couple of years and your wify perhaps won't even notice it..

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Can anyone explain me how to quickly set this thing so it works on my laptop and displays selected gauges, all when I'm flying on my desktop. Yep, both comps are networked.

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looking at the lua code posted on that site, its partially incomplete: at startup, they open a tcp connection... at close, they shutdown that connection. In the "LuaExportAfterNextFrame" routine, they do obtain some data from the game... but do nothing with it (apart from Barometric Altitide -> "socket.try(c:send(string.format("Arn.Resp:15=%.0f:\n",altBar*0.032827))) ")


Spitting this data out after every frame gives rapid data update, but also slows the game machine a lot.


Or maybe I`ve just eaten/drunk too much this weekend and I cant read LUA code properly right now :)

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zorlac> Yes, there might be some small performance hit from the data export but the client side could be run over network. As I understand it (I can be wrong) the new worflow is as follows:


Lockon/LUA server -> export.lua -> SIOC client -> Gauge Composer application



the previous version worked:


Lockon/LUA server -> export.lua -> LO-IOCP (translator) -> IOCP/SIOC client -> Gauge Composer or any other application driven from Lockon

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No, he is not correct partially. Using Lua, the file export.lua, creates socket client .



SIOC Master Server to send an receive data trought protocol IOCP


LOIOCP(server) connect whit a client-- export.lua at the same time

LOIOCP(client) connect whit a server (SIOC)


developing LUA Socket:

Client sockets are used to exchange data between two applications over the Internet. Applications can call the methods send and receive to send and receive data. The other methods available for client socket objects are getsockname, getpeername, setoption, settimeout, shutdown, and close.







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Tarochi and friends have logged some new milestones in their projects.


Gauge Composer - Russian instruments:



LO-SIOC Editor v1.0-4 beta:



and much more..


for instance SIOC keyboard emulator for other sims:



cartography perhaps some start for ABRIS panel export?




Off topic:

General xml/swf graphs and gauges for your dynamic web pages:


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