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Explosive power: M/70 ARAK, ADEN AKAN, and M/71 Sprängbomb


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So I've had a mission set up (that I've probably flown about 100-150 times so far :P), that I use to test treetop level, high-speed-ingresses and/or pop-up attacks with the precision bombing mode (DYK) and level releases (PLAN) with the low-drag M/71s, testing very low level bombing with the high-drags, testing the effectiveness of AP and HE ARAKs, and using AKAN + RB-75/T/AGM-65B. I also mix all load-outs sometimes with the U/22A pod, and/or the FC dispenser for experiencing how much rudder is needed to compensate for having one AKAN or ARAK pod firing on a wing for instance.


The targets are a line of trucks (Urals, but I don't remember the exact model number of the urals...I'll check it on Friday, as it might be one with a weird damage model or something...), along with a BMP-2 and T-80U, the two armored vehicles however, are NOT lined up perfectly with the trucks, just to check splash damage capabilities.


As stated above I don't know if the urals I've set down have a weird damage model or something, but they seem to always live when the M/71 bombs impact just one meter in-front of the engine compartments! Checking the debriefing I even have "hits" registered for some of the bombs, but no deaths on the urals. (Yes, I gave ample-time for the trucks to explode in-case anything was set on fire. I like landing the AJS-37 a lot anyway.) The exact same results occur with either high or low-drags, and (as it should be) the DYK mode with low-drags seem to wield the greatest accuracy and power.


Meanwhile with the ARAKS, (I usually take the inner fuselage pylons with AP M/70 and the inner wing pylons with HE M/70 and if I'm testing an FC dispenser or U/22 I take one AP on a fuselage pylon, and the other fuselage pylon plus the other wing pylon gets HE) the urals instantly die, the BMP-2 is significantly damaged from the sheer splash damage, and the T-80 sometimes takes splash as well! The rockets seem to be amazingly powerful (as I'd expect them to be because of their caliber and being made by Bofors. (any weapon made by Bofors tends to make things go "boom" :D)


RB-75/T/AGM-65B are self-explanatory. They make anything go boom ;)


Finally with AKAN, I've found that they are VERY accurate and intuitive to use mostly due to the tracers, and fairly balanced recoil. However for 30mm ammunition, they seem to never really explode on impact with either the ground or the target, only producing the small "poofs" that most guns make when impacting metal. I really didn't expect much damage to be dished-out to anything more armored than an M-113 or BMP-1/2, but I was rather surprised to see it cause good damage to these APC/IFVs, and be decently good at killing un-armored trucks...However for firing what I assume to be high-explosive ammunition, it would be nice to either see the pods have more spread when they fire, or actually produce small explosions on impact with the ground similarly to the DEFAs on M2KC or the GAU/8 on the A-10s (obviously not with the same power as the GAU/8 ;))


Let me know what you think!


-Ice Cougar

(Kingfisher in-game)

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I wonder how much of the issues you mention are related to this bug report. Sometimes the damage modelling is wildly variable.


I definitely think its a combination of some units having either un-realistic resistances to certain weapons (for an example a truck having the same resilience to the S-8OFP2 rockets that a main battle tank should have), or some projectiles/weapons not being able to provide enough damage to normal or un-realistic damage models, such as the infantry example in the bug report you've sent. Thanks for that btw. At least I know it isn't mine or the Viggen's fault. :thumbup:


The HE rocket warhead contains 3.7 kg TNT, the HEAT warhead 4.7 kg composition B. The 120kg bomb on the other hand contains 30 kg composition B. The DCS damage model is wonky.


Wow...so from what I understand I should be getting somewhere around 6.4x the amount of explosive power from the bombs than the HE M/70 ARAKs rockets? If so, damn. I now really wish they added more weapons load-outs for the Viggens in games like Wargame ALB, EE, and RD. ;)

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