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Hello guys!


I have created a campaign for the Spitfire called THE GEORGIAN CAMPAIGN. It is based in true events and facts that happened during WW2 in the Caucasus, when Hitler invaded the Soviet Unión and was planning to advance their troops to the East.

Most of the content in this campaign is based in event that happen at that time so I have been Reading and researching a lot in order to create this campaign as much real as posible. Due to some map and DCS limitations some things had to be changed.

Said that, I would need some volunteers to TEST and help me to improve the campaign before the final realease. Any volunteers? Please send me a private message.



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Hey Hornet! Looks like a great start to the campaign. :)


If I may make a suggestion, applying filters to your voice over files to make them sound a little more like radio transmissions would be a nice touch.


A high pass filter at 250Hz and a low pass filter around 2.5KHz will get you most of the way there. Adding some distortion and/or radio pops at the beginning and end of the transmission would be icing on the cake. :)


You can easily accomplish this using Audacity, a free audio editor. If you're interested and need a hand shoot me a PM and I'll be happy to help. Good luck with the rest of your campaign!

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Hi feefifofum,


I know that I am not the one, who is making the campaign here,

but can you please elaborate on what you just said?


I mean to say, do you use the High Pass Filter & and Low Pass Filter one after another,

or there is some kind of amplification required between.


Also, do you use the Equalization option(AM Radio) in audacity?


As I am trying to incorporate some voice-overs in mission building, so any help would be appreciated.




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Hey apolloace;

Whether you need to add gain would depend on your source material; generally speaking, though, yes some make-up gain is required after making drastic cuts in the content of an audio file.


I generally do my own EQ curves depending on the file, but the AM radio preset in audacity is a great place to start; that preset includes the aforementioned filters to remove the frequency content that you wouldn't find in a radio transmission.


You can check out this handy tutorial video by Ranger79 for more specifics:


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Hi feefifofum,


In fact all the voices are already filtered. I used the Audacity with a High pass filter bypass of 200 KHZ but I did not try the low pass filter. I will try it for my next voice records. Thanks for the suggestion.


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That is nice indeed. I won't spoil the "must watch the whole thing".

Excellent start to a great campaign!

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