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Unknown Module

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Try installing with Skatezilla GUI tool




DL and put the .exe anywhere you want


try using the clean & repair options on your DCS install first then

see attached pick for quick guide


1. point the utility to each install

2. verify the installs

3. select which install to add module to

4. re-detect installed modules

5. put check in box above key icon for the module required

6. click install module

7. optional click the key to activate (if already active in another install then not required)


Modules are like Pokemon you gotta catch 'em all :joystick::lol::pilotfly:

AMD Ryzen7 3700x, G-Skills 32Gb RAM @ 3200Mhz, MSI GTX1080Ti, TM Warthog (20cm extension by Sahaj), MFG Crosswind Pedals, Oculus Rift, Track Ir5

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