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Question to Developers about Gunsight Distortion in VR (OR + ASW)


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Now, I know, this is a known issue: the distorted/wavy gunsight in Oculus Rift.


And a known cause: ASW/ATW.


And a known "solution": disable ASW/ATW (CTRL + NumPad1).


What I would like to know is that whether the developers are planning on fixing this on their end, so that we can fly the spit with ASW and still have a proper gunsight?


I get that the issue is the FPS not being sufficient, so ASW is kicking in and causing the waves. And so, in a sense, there is no problem to fix from the developer's perspective ... except that this issue only occurs with the Spitfire module (for me and many other folk), and occurs even if there is not much else going on (e.g., the free flight instant action). So something in the core module is eating up a lot of processing power making sending those frames to the VR system very problematic. Do the developers have plans to optimize or improve the code to fix this?


Or are we stuck with disabling ASW/ATW (which sucks, because then we get stutters instead of smoothness, and that makes for a horrible experience)?



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