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Unable to bomb in RR-NAV mode after reload

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We set up a multiplayer training mission to practice Nav mode bombing (the version with weapon select in RR and master mode in NAV), and we were all able to bomb with the proper symbology the first time. However, after we went back and rearmed, none of us were unable to drop the second time despite the same cues. We were able to subsequently drop in precision DYK and quick release DYK modes; it was only RR-NAV that gave us issues.


Along similar lines, I noticed that I got the radar crosshair you should see with RR-ATK when I went off target. I'm not sure exactly how I got the symbol (I don't believe I switched to ATK at all), but I think it happened when I turned on the radar after going off-target. I couldn't ever get the symbol to clear after this.


This was in (multiplayer with 4 players).

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yes we had these issues both nights. I do think it is a bug ;)

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Wasn't able to reproduce the error relating to the release of the bombs, the bombs went off the second time I approached the target.


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