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A-10C mav

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What happen to being able to lock on targets with mav's from five, six or seven mile from tgt without using force correlate.


I can no longer lock tgt's beyond 4 1/2 mile no matter how visible they are even when blk hot.


Any answers?

Intel core I9 10900K 3.7 ghz

Asrock Z490 Extreme4

G-SKill Ripjaws V 32GB

Cooler Master 120m

GTX 980 Superclocked

Corsair AX850w psu

Samsung 1 T M.2 2 X 850 ssd's

Sony 48 in HD TV

Trackir 5

Hotas Warthog F/A-18C Hornet Grip

Logitech Pro Peddles

Windows 10 64

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