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Documentation and Briefings which folder?


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Have fun :)


I am having fun. Really enjoyed the first mission. I have also learnt a few things that I would otherwise not bothered with in other single player environments such as accurate navigation etc.


The effort gone into the briefing materials is fantastic and really helps.


Many thanks.

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Glad to be of assistance Mule. Enjoy, and maybe look us up at RAF Air UK if you want to take the next step and go multiplayer.


Ah, man many thanks. I would love to but I work full time and have 2 young kids. I have tried in the past to do multiplayer and, to be honest, it's the best experience I have ever had in simulation but I can never keep it up because of the job I do etc.


Do you have a website I can check out? I want to do a series blog on my site about my efforts in this campaign?

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