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Jetseat creating audio dropouts in DCS

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I recently bought a Jetseat from Andre. I am using it with a brand new Origin Chronos designed for VR. It does a GREAT job running DCS on the Rift. But whenever I activate the Jetseat thru the appropriate Simshaker software, I get crackles and pops in the audio. I have troubleshot this for the last week by trying the Jetseat in both USB 2 and 3 ports on the computer. No change. If I unplug the Jetseat and reboot the computer, everything is fine. Im not sure if its the Jetseat or the Rift or DCS, but I have stopped using the Jetseat, unfortunately, since the audio is unusable while flying. HELP!

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Jetseat does cause some miscellaneous issues sometimes.


First I'd try to physically separate the cables and make sure they aren't touching or plugged into the same bus. This eliminates the possibility of feedback through cheap insulation or insufficient power if they're both USB powered. I've run into that before with my audio system.


In the JetSeat utility there's some options for audio, intended for ButtKickers. You might disable that incase it's trying to do something with it and not working.


Somebody else have to take it from here.

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