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VFR departure/ approach at Nellis AFB

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currently we discuss VFR procedures at KLSV in our squadron. Until now, I didn't found any VFR departure/approach procedure/chart for this airbase. At airnav.com were only IFR charts.


I checked today and found the "Sin City Visual" approach chart. This chart must be new, I didn't saw it before there.


Are there VFR departue charts out there, as well?


Or to those, who are at Nellis from the community: Do they (fighters) fly VFR at Nellis in real life?



Thanks in advance. :)

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In the US Navy, there are visual approaches to the airfields, but rather than being published approaches they are known as "course rules" and are generally memorized or referenced on quick cards. They involve hitting specific points (usually visual landmarks, but sometimes Radial/DME), then entering the pattern for the break (what the Air Force calls the overhead). Course rules are for entry into the VFR pattern, and are therefore only flown in VMC.


I imagine the AF does things similarly, though every approach I've done to an AFB has been ILS or PAR.

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