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  1. Ja, das Profil sollte geladen sein. Bin grad nicht zu Hause und weiß grad nicht, wie das Neuerdings aussieht. Früher war es ja grün, wenn man ein Profil aktiviert hatte. Ich habe das immer in der Taskleiste gemacht, rechts über die erweiterten Icons und dann via Rechtsklick über das STT Icon geladen. Ich nutze die Software auch mit dem Apache und habe keine Herausforderungen. Und wie bereits erwähnt: Der richtige Modus am HOTAs sollte auch ausgewählt sein. Beim X-52 hast du aber auch eine Art Kontrollfeld: Und zwar das Display am Schubregler. Schau da mal, ob die Bezeichnung, die du im Profil für die Kombi hinterlassen hast, angezeigt wird. Wenn nicht, dann evtl. nochmal die Saitek Software de- und neuinstallieren bzw. auch mal unter Windows/Hardware schauen, ob die Tasten auf Eingaben reagieren.
  2. I already tuned the curves, according to one of the Apache YouTubers and feel fine with it. Only the rudder axis seems to be not "long" enough, to correct the steering above 120% collective.
  3. Die HOTAS von Saitek emulieren quasi nur eine weitere Maus und Tastatur. Bedeutet: Möchtest du die Buttons direkt belegen, machst du dies in DCS selbst. Wenn du mit der Software arbeiten möchtest, müssen dort die Tasten/-kombinationen aus DCS hinterlegt werden. Der HOTAS drückt dann quasi einfach die gewünschte Taste auf einer imaginären Tastatur. Wichtig ist, dass in DCS in der jeweiligen Zeile auch eine Taste hinterlegt ist.
  4. The scenes in the trailer are so bad and unrealistic, again. I like the old Top Gun, because it's a legend of movie but this time .. don't know -.-
  5. Practice is useless, if you don't know how to practice/use the controls or practice it wrong. If I would say to you: "Do a backflip!" and as help "practise", you would break your neck. If not, your would still do it false. Promised, as a trainer for gymnastics myself.
  6. I want to do some hard breaks/stops, followed by turns and other aerobatic maneuvers, like in this vid. Do anyone know, how to fly these? Maybe a vid/tutorial with the controller display on, which shows the controls settings while flying these?
  7. Hey @Rakuzard, besten Dank für die Apache Tutorials. Die sind echt Klasse geworden!
  8. I would like to thank the whole team of Eagle Dynamics for bringing the Apache Longbow to us. Again. It must have been 1997, that I flew this great helicopter the last time, in Jane's Longbow PC game. It was my first PC game ever and I was hooked. I don't remember details on this 90s sim (Jane's was a legend, you all know), but I loved it and the Apache was my favorite chopper for all the years, since then. Now, I'm back in its pilot seat. My pal Bowie has made friends with the position of the CPG and we're flying for a few weeks together and it's more teamwork, as we did as squadron pilots the last 8 years. I don't know the ramp start of the Jane's Apache (IIRC, it was a key combo ^^), but I love it in this sim. This cockpit is so cleaned up and easy to understand. Now, looking forward to the FCR and all these oldschool hide-and-pop-up tactics Best regards
  9. The Tomcat hype was much higher, IMO. And for those, who compare Top Gun vs. Firebirds ... it's more the first hardcore and full combat Apache Longbow simulator since the legendary Jane's Longbow sim in the 90s and Jane's shaped the PC simulation par excellence
  10. Yeah, Firebirds was ... special. ^^ Benjamin Gates shot the AH-6 Super Wario with its rockets, instead with his Stinger Missiles.
  11. Hi, just in training with the A/G radar and would like to send or share a ground target to another client. I know the TXDSG function, but is is more just showing him, what I locked. So, is it possible to send or share my locked ground target? Or the markpoint, that I created from that lock? thanks in advance
  12. for playing against airborne players, I like the playable SAMs most. CA vs CA: M1 MBT
  13. I understand your point, QuiGon ... what I wanted to say is, that maybe the general possibility of Link16 is the bug, not the missing link between the Viper and the Hornet.
  14. Erm, nope. That is not true. If you set the mission date before 1996, the Hornet don't have GPS, for instance. Then, you just have INS for alignment and navigation. That's why I'm arguing with the Link16 and time frame. But for the datalink, I don't know, if it's correct modelled, too.
  15. If the aircrafts hardware is set for the 80s (like no GPS in the Hornet), Link16 should'nt be available, as well. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Link_16
  16. You could set the mobile TACAN unit near a street or flat area and use this as "airfield" for (emergency) landings. At least for clients/players.
  17. You also have the AGM-154A JSOW with BLU-97. Not intelligent, but you can carry up to 8 JSOW and are out of the range of AAA/SAMs.
  18. I don't have the DCS Viper yet and know the F-16 only from several books, videos and a handful hours in that other Viper sim. But I will buy it, when full released, because it's superior in BVR (due to speed, which is a factor in so many ways in BVR) In SEAD/DEAD I don't know ... yes, the Viper has the HTS, but the Hornet will (hopefully) have the ADM-141 TALD. So, both have their goods in SEAD. Why the Hornet? I like the SA in general. For the whole mission, for assets and targets, for my flight while doing BVR tactics. I have all the SA, that I need for doing this. It has a wide range of weapons, not only for for SEAD (not only the HARM, also the AGM-154 A AND C), the SLAM-ER and Harpoon for OCA and Anti-Ship (which can also be a SEAD mission), internal jammer and the possibility to switch that fast between A/G and A/A. I like the cockpit design and features of the DLC. Yeah, it's slow and flying at 40.000 feet isn't a good idea (compared to the Eagle for example), but you're fine between 20.000 and 32.000 ft., it climbs a little bit faster than the Mirage 2000 (back in 2016/2017 IIRC) and you can easily travel with M 0.8 to 0.9. You can refuel 2 ships at once at the tanker, compared to one for Air Force fighter. And at least, as you mentioned ... yes, you have Carrier Ops, which is not only nice to have and not possible with the Viper, but adds so more things related to mission design.
  19. Thank you very much. What I would ask was, if the second stage fires near to a minimum speed/acceleration to save agility against high maneuverable targets? Example: You fly a high-g maneuver to reduce the missiles speed (and so energy) and to counter that, the missiles starts its second stage if it reaches a minimum Mach or g. Otherwise, you could wait just to the moment, the missile fires its second stage and then perform that maneuver and left the missile with so less energy to fail to hit. That my thoughts for some SEAD tactics.
  20. I bought Combined Arms at day one and yes, there are flaws but I fly DCS/Lock On since 2007 and there where bugs for the aircraft all the years. We waited all that time, to get these awesome clouds last year but the way was the same: ED startet with the airplanes (and helicopters), not with the perfect enviroment for these assets.
  21. Some days ago, as Ugra Media announced, that they would extend the Syria map to the east and will add H3 airfield in Iraq, I imagined, that we could have a part of the world map, the Middle East, at least. We already have 3 maps in the near or less near region (green) with more or less detailed areas. With another 2 (orange) or 3 (red) maps, some way smaller than the current ones, we could recreate most of the conflicts/battles of the last 60 years in that region. If ED finds a way, to connect these maps ingame (maybe with a short break of a few minutes to load the next detailed map/objects), we could do some very large missions and fly some long routes accross that region. Just imagine a Carrier Battle Group, which travels from the Mediterranean Sea through the Suez canal, to the Red Sea or into the Persian Gulf. This mission could last a week (or so) in real time, flying missions in that time for the Navy pilots. The seas are just water (no details needed to save ressources) and the not marked parts of the region could be simple flat land of dust, as it already is in the outer areas of the Syria or Strait of Hormuz map (or the former part of the Caucasus map/Krim). That would be freaking cool and I think, I wouldn't need any other game for some years. What do you think?
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