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I have a little recon script written recently, and been using it for a while, thought I would share it here. Here is how it works:


1. When there are enemy ground units in the radius of 10km around player's AC the script will output a message similar to this example:


"Recon: targets observed at

6, distance 4.5

5, distance 3"


- the message above means there are targets on 6 and 5 o'clock with the distances respectively.


2. A signal flare will be issued 500 meters away from the closest target within a radius of 10km.


3. When enemy unit is killed a message similar to this one is outputted, i.e.: "Recon: destroyed - BTR-80"


4. Recon takes place every 5 seconds. Messages go out every 30 seconds.


'Attach' script in the trigger window on MISSION START ---> DO SCRIPT FILE. Script will work for offline missions where player's unit either of type player or client.


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Thank you! Will try this soon.

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