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Graphics Help Please

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Hi guys. I've just fitted my new Asus Strix 1080ti card, which is rather nice.


I'm still using the stock settings at the moment, and am fishing for tips on how best to set this card up for DCS. I'm currently running a 1080p monitor, or an Oculus, (with a 4k monitor to come soon.)


I can get about 180+ fps in 1.5.7 on screen, and not much shy of that in 2.0. In VR though, it's a different story. In Caucasus, the frame rate seems to be capped at 45 fps, and it doesn't drop below that. In Normandy, the cap remains, but my fps is dropping to less than 30 at times.


Can someone please steer me towards the best settings that I can use in both DCS and NVIDIA settings to serve my purposes? I am aware that they will need to be altered, depending on my display medium - but I'd like to have a clue where to start.


Many thanks. :)

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