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TouchBuddy Active Modules


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Its been a while since the last release of TouchBuddy*, but we just got carried away adding new features, and the next thing we knew it was 2007 :music_whistling: . The release notes for v1.3.0 are almost as long as the release notes for all the previous versions put together!


Anyway, with the latest release of TouchBuddy due within weeks, I have created a small movie showing how to add the new Active Modules to an existing profile. In this case, I add the new Active TEWS, and the simple payload modules to my (basic) Lomac profile. Then after that, the movie goes on to show these modules working while in game.


Toolkit/TouchBuddy Lomac Active Modules



Its about 29Mb ZIP, with a WMV file inside it. Enjoy!


As stated in the movie, my machines was getting hammered trying to run everything and record it at the same time, so the module updates are slower in the movie than they are normally.


p.s. - If anyone from Eagle Dynamics happens to read this (Chizh, Han, Wags maybe), and would like to help me code specific modules and features into TouchBuddy for the Black Shark release, you know where I am :music_whistling: (Yes, I know most of the LUA stuff is likely to change in BS, hence the required head-start to get it working)


p.p.s - I have a TB + GTR2 movie coming out soon that shows TB in use with the "click-through" module, and using the GTR2 PD tool



* References for anyone who may have missed it before:


"My New Toy" Thread (Touchbuddy stuff starts on second page)


TouchBuddy v1.0.0 Released


Release: TouchBuddy v1.0.2


TouchBuddy Forums

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I just have to really give you credit for those tutorials....


It's helped me to put some more pieces of the Photo Shop Puzzle together..


Well done..... I'm now planning on trying this out.. Thanks






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zorlac, finally got to view that 1.3 video, what can i say but

"you have done it", this is amazing stuff.


watching the tews update in real time, that is music to my eyes:)

and can we expect to see the VSD included as an active module


i was good last year and santa brought me a ptax100e projector 1280x720 with the screen sitting above my th2go 3x19" setup.


i invisage having the mnemonics virtual panel with instruments in the centre, tews on the right and hopefully VSD on the left (via touchbuddy if its possible).

then using the projector for the main cockpit view, with possibly a touch screen to top it off.


i understand i may need seperate computers for the 3x19" screens for the virtual panel and TB screens, thats fine, no shortage of decent old pc's :)


looking forward to giving all this a try when i get some time...


so can we have a VSD? via TB for using the tws feature in the f15.


that would be so cool, heres an example of what i am trying to describe:

(just a mock setup from screenshots i just took and positioned as if it were 3 screens below the projector screen).



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ggg, note that you might be able to obtain touchscreen overlays for your 19" displays, that kind of a setup could produce a pretty decent touchable cockpit.



Lock on MUST have a dynamic campaign with multiplayer support!

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andy that is a truely awesome idea and one that i will give more consideration in the future.


i had thought of just an additional 7 or 8" touchscreen, i do see the potential for 3 of those overlays to make a complete touch pit :)


i intend to use the virtual panel in the middle with touchbuddy on the 2 outer th2go screens but those windows would have no touch just display, a very good idea those overlays, and cheers ruggbutt for the link.


it would seriously save on pit building and the ability to instantly reconfigure it for different planes/heli's would be great.

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how have you set that up, is it fitted internally or does it just sit on top of your existing screen.

edit: oh i see, yes it goes inside, is that how you have it?


and is the usb connection hanging off the side like in the pictures.


hmmmm, interesting, very intersting :)

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the magictouch screens are placed on the front of the screens, the touchpanel i have requires that the front bezel on my TFT was removed, the touchpanel stuck to the front of the TFT panel, then the bezel placed over the top again. It *ALMOST* fits properly :) Yes, it has a ribbon cable out the side that fits into an adapter, which in turn provides a USB connection.


The auctions for these work out a lot cheaper than the magic touch panels

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from the look of it the ones sit in front externally are just a fancy frame for the ones you fit internally, would you agree.

if thats the case then it would be relatively easy to create a custom housing of your own to house the bare overlay similar to the magictouch version.


definately food for thought, currently still paying off xmas :)


edit: watched those videos on the TBtoolkit, and was delighted that it seemed far simpler than i had imagined.

looking forward to getting this all working...

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because TouchBuddy is so flexible with it layout, and so "powerful" with the options available, making the Toolkit do everything it does has been an astonishing feat by WBK. OK, it does take a little getting used to the basics (because it is so powerful/flexible), but once that has been done, the toolkit is a joy to use.


if you have questions, just ask... thats what we are here for.

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