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7.62 mm a bit too powerful?


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I'm starting to fly the Huey and I'm having A LOT OF FUN.


One thing that draws my attention is that I can destroy armored vehicles like APCs and IFVs with the 7.62 miniguns pretty easily, often in one pass. The 7.62 M60 from the doors can also destroy these. I think APCs and IFVs are made to resist small firearms calibers like the 7.62. I know that IRL 7.62 can disable unarmored vehicles and maybe sometimes even stuff like Humvees, but APCs and IFVs... I don't think so...


And if you fly the Su-25 and shoot the same APCs and IFVs with the 20 mm gun pods, you'll see that it's much harder to destroy them with the 20 mm than the 7.62 mm...


Maybe nerf a bit the 7.62 caliber?


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An 7.62 AP round can punch trough 12mm of steel, the back and the top of a BTR is protected with 7mm.

I think its ok how it is...


The angle at which the projectile strikes the target is kind of important here. It's simple geometry. At a 45° angle, the effective thickness of a 7mm plate is 9,9mm. At 30° it's 14mm. And in addition to the added thickness, armor piercing projectiles don't always go straight through a plate when hitting it at an oblique angle; they are usually deflected to some degree. If the combination of angle, penetrator kinetic energy and hardness is just right (or wrong, depending on which side of the target you are on), the projectile could simply bounce off. Or you could get deflection internally in the plate, leading to an even larger increase in effective thickness.


Or TL;DR: 7mm isn't always 7mm.

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