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hi! im new on the forum, thought id introduce myself. my names szymon im from australia, born in poland.

im a big fan of lock on, only discovered it recently. i have v 1.01.

my interests are cars (i drive an integra typeR and do some club motorsport, dunno if that means anything to any of you?) and planes, particularly military aviation. :pilotfly:

oh, my favourite planes would have to be MiG21, MiG29, Su 27, and i generally have a soft spot for russian military types :D but i can appreciate others too..

anyway hope to be enlightened by you all!




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Welcome to the comunity! It's a good sign that it's still expanding. One thing to start- 1.01 is the first free patch, it would be better if you apply the 1.02 patch, the last from UbiSoft. But the best is to buy the 1.1 Flaming Cliffs 'unofficial' add-on- has many things imrpoved, new flayble(Su-25T) and most of the people online are using it.

"See, to me that's a stupid instrument. It tells what your angle of attack is. If you don't know you shouldn't be flying." - Chuck Yeager, from the back seat of F-15D at age 89.


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thnx 4 the welcome guys!

i'll look intot he updates. i was considering them but bit wary as my computer is just running it smoothly on low settings.im worried updates would make it run slower?

oh, incase its not obvious im a complete noob with computers-pls excuse me!


ps czesc poko! jest chyba kilku polakow na tej stronie?! u should visit your family in aus, it would b a good experience for u! (if u dont mind the 12+6hrs flight!)


if u ever do visit, dont expect to spot any RAAF action though, much rarer to see flybys than in PL..(aah reminds me of my visit to poland in '93..a pair of MiG21's overhead almost daily! love that tumanskii thunder!)

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