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Question on updating weapons


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I plan to update (replace) existing weapon models with Walmis weapons pack, install ACMI cubic data transmitter pods and new Sorbitsya ECM 3D model. I'll use ModMan to do so.


The only weapon mod I use is hi-res CBU97 skin containing MISSILE-1.bmp.dds file.


Now, in order to properly install files mentioned above do I have to backup MEInit.xml?!


I also have a problem while renaming a F-15 colour scheme. I made an edit it MEInit line containing default color scheme name for F-15 #1 skin and replaced it with what I want. It's 95th FS "Mr. Bones" (TY) AFB Tyndall but I still get Soesterberg displayed there. Any ideas?!


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The last part... you have to go to the first F-15C entry, where it showse everything, weapons and where they go. In that area you have to specify in the "Colorschemes" area what you want to call it. Then go to the bottom of the file, and mimic that. There you will get the name properly displayed, such as this:




<ColorScheme CLSID="{46d8da77-fda0-4b3e-903a-af4369c02df9}" ID="0" Name="279th KIAP 1st squad NAVY"/>

<ColorScheme CLSID="{d71c7b23-5c93-449d-9b06-ca14870aa09d}" ID="1" Name="VF-213 Lions Head"/>

<ColorScheme CLSID="{192e27c7-94a4-4fea-b659-ff9ae5f63bf4}" ID="2" Name="VF-213 Black Lions OEF"/>

<ColorScheme CLSID="{6c04e62d-36e6-42e9-ae76-b0e600c1ef65}" ID="3" Name="Aggressor"/>

<ColorScheme CLSID="{aa9b5600-d317-4cae-b8b1-f9eee779f77b}" ID="4" Name="VF-2 OIF"/>

<ColorScheme CLSID="{5de1a3de-4380-45cf-893c-d568350211d6}" ID="5" Name="T-10K-2 test paint scheme"/>



Towards the bottom:



<ColorScheme CLSID="{46d8da77-fda0-4b3e-903a-af4369c02df9}">279th KIAP 1st squad NAVY</ColorScheme>

<ColorScheme CLSID="{d71c7b23-5c93-449d-9b06-ca14870aa09d}">VF-213 Black Lions Head</ColorScheme>

<ColorScheme CLSID="{5de1a3de-4380-45cf-893c-d568350211d6}">T-10K-2 test paint scheme</ColorScheme>



Mines a little different due to skin assignments per country, but the gist is the same:




This is from the CAW mod, so I kept the first two for some tracks I plan to get voiced over (been sick the past week) and so nothing goes wrong when I get around to finishing them. Anyways as you see, Russia has two selections, while the USA side would have four. But that should help.....

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