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  1. AFAIK the DSMS page is the only way to show your stores.
  2. Wiki says the ATFLIR (I assume that's what you're using) is 40nm.
  3. Agreed, ED hasn't released any stuff to make maps, and they probably won't add more airports to it. I mean it would be cool but not probably going to happen.
  4. I've noticed the same with my setup but I just think it's an effect, and not so much a bug. I'd do a video but it really doesn't bother me when it happens to me (and my joystick isn't near me either). And I use a Thrustmaster Hotas One
  5. I use the start procedure and it doesn't power up either apparently. I didn't know there was a clicky button for the HMCS since I mainly fly 2D but haven't noticed it when I pan around though. I figure it was a TrackIR (which I have) or VR thing that it shows.
  6. EricJ

    One (1) Developer

    Thanks BIGNEWY, good to hear some stuff is coming.
  7. You mean I have to work for a kill? Gotcha though
  8. I don't have a track made but I am having the same issue you're having Caldera. I fire at long range and before it hits the laser goes out and I don't even hit the target. I would expect it to hit given that the laser doesn't overheat but still. Even turning on the laser doesn't present a hit though. Methinks it's bugged but it could be range too. I only shot two earlier today during my flight and missed with both. I don't know why they should miss as they should be easier to use than the D or other models as you have to get the TGP on target well.
  9. Yeah like I said, I only fired it once after watching the mission to use it. It's easier to shoot than the D so I hope to get more proficient over time. I don't fly much but when I do I practice shooting weapons on a custom map that I use to do such stuff. But that's good stuff to know. I don't remember the range I shot the first one but I think I was within the middle to short range for the shot but thanks for things to keep in mind in using it.
  10. Yeah I agree with you on missing by a lot. It was my first and only shot (so far that day I flew it) so with more practice I'll get it right.
  11. I watched the track and saw that you damaged the infantry. I managed to damage an MTLB when i was practicing with an AGM-65L (well my first time shooting it really). I was off and corrected the TGP and damaged it by about 13%. I figured I had time to shoot the target with the slow missile flight time but I'll have to shoot more to get a feel and probably end up with the same result that you're coming up with.
  12. If you're planning on running the Hog on pre-2000 servers why not the A model? That was pre-both modules (A-10C and A-10C II).
  13. You can download the latest plugin here for Photoshop 2022: https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-texture-tools-exporter
  14. I'll second this as I tried to fly around and for some reason there isn't any trim selection ability. Is this correct with Early Access?
  15. Yeah I used to "crash land" the Su-25T for about three weeks. Then somehow I figured out how to land without breaking it. This will be no different once I work on it.
  16. Nice flying, makes me want to give it a go flying this helo.
  17. Cool, I'll save this for later.
  18. Gotcha, I'll keep that in mind but good news that it worked like a charm and it had issues locking on the target (I finally messed with it on my custom mission) with the seeker but regardless the sequence worked good.
  19. Thanks I'll mess with it and hopefully get things squared away. But this is for the original A-10C, not the A-10C II (I'm on the fence with that right now), but I'm assuming it doesn't make a difference as they're pretty much the same?
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