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  1. Yeah, it's the "Level of Detail or Draw distance issue" known since the days of LockOn:MAC. In real life you'd be able to spot a flanking fighter sized aircraft from a ~10NM distance but in DCS it's not possible. I messed around with this subject back in LOMAC days, I'd place two fighters facing eachother and observe what happens. Apparently it has nothing to do with your visibility range setting, general resolution you play with or zoom/FOV setting. Once you spot another aircraft in the skies it would magically disappear as you close on it and it used to drive me crazy. Flightpath of an AI is easy to read and it doesn't suddenly reverse when it goes "stealth" but if you're up against a human in some PvP engagement one of you might exploit this issue by repositioning and giving the other side a hard time to spot you in other part of the screen. I also though that going from 1024*768 resolution to 4K that most of us run these days would solve this issue but it doesn't. Being unable to spot KC-135 or IL-78 while trailing 5 NM behind it can be frustrating. So even as unreallistic as they are I encourage the players to use dot labels to maintain tally. It's not perfect as dot labels are of the same size for MiG-21 and C-17 and dots are either blue, red or white so you have Mark 1 eyeball IFF but hey it's better than nothing. You can also edit your Config/View/labels.lua to have Red, Blue and Neutral coallition labels appear as grayish dot so you can't tell who's who out there.
  2. He might be relaying AWACS calls.
  3. Hi guys, Is there a mod that makes ACES black when in F1 cockpit view? I know of external model ACES mod (texture) but I wish for a black headrest when I check my six. Thank You!
  4. Bear in mind that AI Wingmen report airborne contacts based on RWR spikes not just radar picture.
  5. Ok, I was fiddling with Nodes in Mission Generator in a Caucasus map and I removed preset 47-SW-Adler-1 node... Now when I add a new one and I name exactly like that it's being added to the bottom of the drop down list of Nodes. Is there a way to have it placed between 46- and 48- in the drop down list. I'm probably OCD positive so not having an ascending list of nodes kinda sets me off Can't find a list of available Nodes in User Files or Program Files \ DCS World Open Beta folder so please point me the right way. Thank You all!
  6. Hi all, I installed the latest 2.7.10 version to my User Files but when I select player to fly any of the flyable Rafale versions my cockpit is mixed up with Su-25T cockpit? Is this a known issue and is there a workaround? Thank You.
  7. I always thought that DCS default black smoke from ripped wings of a splashed fighter aircraft appeared too thick, too long and too black. It was probably done this way in order to increase player's situational awareness and enhance visibility with BVR kills but if you compare it to a real life situations you'll see that DCS goes Hollywood here. So can anyone post a few screenshots of how this mod deals with that and can we somehow reduce the thickness, lenght or change color from pitch black to a more grayish one in these situations. Thank You.
  8. How bout an option of choosing the lens type in Payload tab?
  9. Which means it should be other way around.
  10. I always wished for a helmet sunvisor mod for all DCS aircraft. BMS had a gamma reduction that made a cockpit view a bit darker but now with AH-64D helmet gun tracking device visuals and 3rd party Su-30SM/MKI/MKM mod by Project Flanker it looks perfect outlining the sunvisor shape in F1 view. I believe all aircraft featured in DCS with FC3 jets included should feature such option for F1 view. Regards
  11. OK, while in TWS facing 4 ship bandit flight flying open Line abreast at 40NM out it's almost impossible to soft lock #1, #2, #3 and #4 because TDC is very jumpy. It gets better with radar range reduced to 20 or 10 but 40 and beyond is very unfriendly and unprecise. I use my HOTAS microstick to move TDC across B-Scope and I use curves to numb TDC but I cannot really fine tune it's precision, even the default keystrokes make cursor move more that required and that seems to be the problem. So you can lock #1, move it a tad, it jumps more than it's width and you can lock #3 making #2 unselectable. Anyone with a workaround?
  12. I noticed that 95% isn't a constant (anymore). It has a lot to do with pressure (inHg), ambient temperature and ASL altitude. BTW I dunno if change in the atmosphere with altitude works properly with DCS World, the starting temperature we can adjust in ME relates to what? Our ramp start altitude or sea level 0? With new clouds these are dispersed all over the map in same manner and visuals. I hope that dynamic weather WIP update shall bring different and changing conditions across larger maps such as PG or Marianas. Interchanging of areas of high and low pressure with different cloud visuals, accordingly.
  13. OK, I noticed that patching to latest 2.7 version changed my in game throttle response with F-15C. I did not edit my throttle range and curves in DCS options but what was once pic A now became a pic B. Please advise what's the correct / realistic Full Mil throttle setting, here's what it used to be: Please observe new Full Mil nozzle position:
  14. Based upon your aircraft gross weight Mission Editor should have some sort of a Takeoff calculator implemented that would display your V1, Vr / Rotate and V2 speeds in Briefing screen. c ya.
  15. Don't use TO Trim cause it's been bugged for ages, once you disable it jet will pitch up into a stall. Use manual Trim instead. I use external HOTAS controller config app that allows me to program various X and Y axis trim presets. I played with it for a while, testing and tweaking, so I made several Pitch trim profiles that can be toggled by a push of a button on a stick. So before starting every mission I just check my overall weight to get the mental picture which pitch trim preset to use for smooth takeoff. What's actually very important and what would come handy is implementing a TO calculator to Mission Editor and Briefing screen. Such Takeoff calculator would calculate your V1, Vr - Rotate and V2 speed based upon weight and drag of the selected payload and fuel for DCS and FC3 flyables. Hint for the future patching of DCS. Best regards,
  16. https://github.com/RedK0d/CLICKABLE-FC3 F-15C got the most votes so I guess we'll see it someday.
  17. Just a heads up, there's FC3 clickable mod in the making: https://github.com/RedK0d/CLICKABLE-FC3 Few of the russian birds are being covered as we speak, hopefully we'll see Eagle some day. However I'm not really sure how it can be done without code lines change 'cause FC3 lights work in a loop (taxi-landing-off; taxi-landing-off)...not sure if the right mouse click would return state from landing to taxi.
  18. There U go, there are many requests on exact matter even before that one but like I said it was a distant past. Now here's the reason. Mounting larger and heavier AIM-120 missiles require assistance of a MJ-1C lift truck. However accessing 3 and 9 with lift truck is somewhat obstructed by engine nacelle and external fuel tank so that's why AMRAAM usually go to 1 and 11 with ACMI and Sidewinders to 3 and 9. Check pic.
  19. I'm more concerned with F-15C takeoff rolls in DCS being longer than actual. Take a stopwatch, look at any AB assisted takeoff video and compare it to your or AI performance in DCS with same loadout. That F100 we got in DCS needs an overhaul.
  20. I hate quoting myself but I keep talking 'bout it since LOMAC in 2003 so you can look it up. Regards.
  21. Hi ED, slightly disappointed with 2.7.10 update cause ACMI pods still not available to F-15C stations 3 and 9. How hard can it be? I'll write you that .lua, you just make it official. Regards,
  22. What do the Nav lights look now and is taxi light fixed with latest patch?
  23. Try playing with Gamma graphic settings, I pretty much maxed out my graphic settings in DCS but I use nVidia and also play with settings of my GPU as well. I increased hue to make nav and cockpit lights glow out, however it also makes the sun create a big messy impossible to look into smudge. I simply decrease this hue thing in night sorties to make night cockpit more readable.
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