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Deferred Shading on makes it impossible to see at night. [Bug?]

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Hi there!


I looked for a bug forum, but couldn't find it, so I assume I'm supposed to put it here. Anyway, I recently went into a mission at night, and couldn't see anything (reasonably well). Turning on the flashlight in my M-2000C, I had to zoom WAY in, and crank up the cockpit lights just to get anything readable.


I decided to fly out anyway, couldn't see the ground, and stumbled my way into shooting at the enemy. I never actually saw them, except on radar, and only saw a few missile explosions. The HUD was the worst, though. Something about it made it opaque at night. I had to cant my head over just to barely see the runway when I RTB'ed.



Reading up on it, it was posted here and there that Deferred Shading [ON] was causing the issue.


I played around with several of the Deferred Shading options, to no success. So I turned Deferred Shading [Off], and I immediately could see at night! My flashlight was bright and useful. I could *almost* see everything in the cockpit without it. I turned the cockpit lights up to a low setting. The ground was visible, and I could see through the HUD.



However, it may cause an issue with the clouds. Turning Deferred Shading [Off] seems to have made clouds bright gray. I'll investigate further.



If this isn't the proper bug reporting area, feel free to move my thread.


I have a GTX 760 for a graphics card with Windows 10 64bit, an I-5 4690K and 16 gigs of RAM.

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Don't worry, it's being fixed....


DCS World 2.5 Update


Since last week’s newsletter, the team continues to address items discovered during the Open Beta test period. Items such as fog discoloration, night lighting, multiplayer performance, load times, and others are all being addressed for the release version. It is very important that any changes made for the DCS World 2.5 release version maintain or improve game performance of the 2.5 Open Beta.

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