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how to show navigation aids on the map?


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Dear all,


A newbie question here.


Learning navigation in the huey in dcs2.5. I would like to dial in inner and outer ndb frequencies. I want to check the distance and heading to them using the ruler in the dcs map. However, I don't know how to show these ndb's on the map. I have absolutely now idea where these ndb's are. The mission editor map show many options but the in game map(F10) does not show all these things....

Are there better options to learn how to navigate?


Any help or hints would be appreciated!





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They tend to be 1.3 and 4.0 km from the threshold aligned with their respective runways. While the NDBs for outer/inner runway approach markers aren't on the map the rest of the NDBs for general area navigation are.


Probably to practice I would try the Maykop/Krasnodar area, there are a lot of general purpose NDBs there.

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