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Trying to map HOTAS Warthog stick causes black screen

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Just as in the title. Says everything. Usually I fly with the FFB2 instead and I never had problems configuring my controls. Now I wanted to try the WH instead cause I suspect my FFB2 + TIR to cause stutters (I have stutters since 2.5 OB, but I noticed it's completely fluid with no controllers and TIR plugged when playing back tracks), but as soon as I map controls to the stick and press OK, the screen blacks out completely. Background music keeps running. Just tried in the menu yet, I'll check if I can do this "in sim".


Edit: I could map it "in sim", but not having any FFB device plugged didn't kill the stutters which is a relief. This is a prominent issue in another flight sim engine that's been used for WWI and WWII sims and I've also seen it in 1.x already some years ago for a while, I had fears it came back...



Win 7 64 Pro

Gigabyte GA Z77-D3H (BIOS v. F23b 2014-01-07, but it always reverts to F18 from 2012 after crashes due to an hardware bug, should have checked the revision when getting it)

Intel i5 3570k @stockclock

MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G @stockclock (388.59)

Crucial Ballistix Tactical 32GB CL8 (8-8-8-24) DDR3-1600 (4x 8GB)

Corsair Force GT SSD 120GB (Win) + Crucial MX100 SSD 512GB MU02 (Games/Sims) on an ASUS U3S6 PCIe x4 controller card

SB X-Fi Elite Pro (drivers dated 05 May 2010, ver

VIA HD onboard audio (drivers dated 04 Aug 2010, ver

MS FFB2 + MFG Crosswind + Precision 2 + Precision Pro (latter 2 just for sliders) + Dual Saitek Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant + HOTAS Warthog Throttle · TrackIR 4 + 5.1.3 software


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