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Odd Radio Glitch


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Must have something misconfigured somewhere.


I have a ramp start mission at Batumi and my go to radio is UHF normally. Set freq for UHF Batumi ATC, (IIRC) 260.600 in radio, press my throttle thumb hat down to get UHF radio menu, F5 ATC, select Batumi and F3 for engine start clearance. OK so far. Get clearance and start up the engines while finishing up with aligning the avionics / countermeasures ect.


Go back to ATC to get clearance for taxi, press F1 to ask and get nothing. Then I noticed that pressing F1 alters the tenths radio dial to 0. So frequency changes from 260.600 to 260.000.


I have looked in the controls menu and nothing is bound to the radio frequencies other than my hat to select radios. Without ATC clearance my wingman just sits there. Not great when a flight of SU25s are inbound with murderous intent and its a race to get wheels up.



Radio is fine on NTTR.

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System spec: i9 9900K, Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Ultra motherboard, 32Gb Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3200 RAM, Corsair M.2 NVMe 1Tb Boot SSD. Seagate 1Tb Hybrid mass storage SSD. ASUS RTX2080TI Dual OC, Thermaltake Flo Riing 360mm water pumper, EVGA 850G3 PSU. HP Reverb, TM Warthog, Crosswind pedals, Buttkicker Gamer 2.

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Hmm, a by pass I believe would be, to just take off.


I believe he will follow, with a delay, but he will follow


I just made a "Quick Mission" at Batumi, everything seems to be working fine for me.


Called for start up, got start-up did the whole jet, asked for taxi (by pressing F1 on the radio menu) and it gave me permission. DCS hung up afterwards, but I'd blame my time accelerating for that :lol:


Check your controls again, repair ? Make a new keybinding profile ?

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