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I was wondering if anyone can make the minimum cloud base lower. Even if you set the cloud base to 300 meters in lockon, they always appear around 2000 meters or even higher. This is far from realistic since clouds usually hang between 100 and 500 in the morning and 1500 on mid day (talking about a sunny day).

Can someone fix this? ED?


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Base and ceilings depend on what kind of cloud it is and world region.

Lock On weather engine has "just cloud 3d pictures". They do not resemble real things at all.

So what do we have? Some scattered cumulus humilis clouds, and one big overcast cloud that's neither stratus, maybe more like stratocumulus/altocumulus/nimbostratus cloud.. but you can't set it properly even, nor add aditional layers.

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Well yes thats clear, but the only thing I want is to be able to lower the cloud base (normal cumulus on a sunny day) to like 800 meters. It will give you more a sensation of speed when you fly low and alt when you fly high.




DCS seems to ignore the cloud base and thickness values that you enter in ME.

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