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  1. 1) AI Spitfires sometimes don't take the runway after the player. DCS AI bug, already reported to ED Solution: they will take off after waiting 5-6 minutes, the mission will work just fine. 2) Sometimes the AI does crazy S-turns instead of proceeding to the next WP. DCS AI bug, already reported to ED. Solution: follow them from a distance, eventually they will straighten out. 3) Sometimes the AI lags, warps, decelerates and flies at 99 knots at high AoA. DCS AI thing. Solution: the recently announced new AI FM will hopefully make the AI fly in a more human and believable way. Until then, just be prepared for these moves. 4) The Spitfire's engine sometimes overcools and dies at cruise settings. DCS bug, ED promised a cooling model overhaul for warbirds. Solution: From time to time increase RPM and boost to warm up the engine, and get into a sideslip to stay in formation. Also, apply oil dilution to keep the oil pressure below 120 psi.
  2. I'm getting lots of crashes in the latest build in other campaigns/ missions. It's never mission editor related. Your best bet is to post your log file here: https://forum.dcs.world/forum/482-game-crash/
  3. @cocoNUTSnz @Basdebree yes that’s exactly the one I meant, it’s a dcs ai bug but ED is aware and I think a fix is coming soon. Until then, you can just follow them from a distance until they sober up and fly straight. It eventually happens. thanks for the heads up!
  4. So happy to hear you’re having fun with it! yeah the Huey’s skids are oretty fragile in game. Make sure you always fly at treetop level or above 2k to avoid small arms fire. mission 3 is not easy, flying the huey so low below 40 knots, it’s easy to make mistakes and at those speeds and altitudes it’s not very forgiving. enjoy the remaining missions and let me know how they went
  5. Hey, which mission is this? the only trigger is a timer. Do they just keep circling or do crazy s-turns instead of flying straight? If it’s the latter it’s a known DCS AI bug that I’ve reported already if they just keep circling undisturbed, then I’ll have to take a look at it.
  6. @Nemoyo thanks for the report. I’ve seen that too, but not only in this campaign but with Hornets and Tomcats as well. Super weird.
  7. Nah sorry, official campaigns are not allowed to use unofficial mods
  8. Yes, that’s the smartest approach to start with. Then once you know what you can expect from the ai you can gradually get closer.
  9. Thanks so much for the feedback, I'm really glad you liked it. Yeah, Zone 5 is all about realism and challenge, FTB is the DCS version of my 80s dreams I wanted it to feel like those 80s action movies that I grew up watching. I'm working hard with Paco to finish Speed and Angels which will have a lot to offer to players
  10. @[ED]Obi@NineLine this is what I meant @Terry Dactilsorry to hear that. These are bugs that ED is aware of and will hopefully correct soon. Also, the new AI FM they recently announced should make things much smoother too. until then, believe me, you’ll get used to the ‘AIsms’ after a few missions, and you’ll be prepared for these strange behaviors.
  11. It’s either Normandy only or Channel and normandy. Check out the bideo I posted, I explain it there. Normandy has been improved but still not fully fixed
  12. No spoilers in here, so feel free to watch.
  13. I experienced exactly the same.
  14. I’m lowering them to 250-270. I just tested the Viper 1v1 and splashed both within 2 min. all you need is 2000lbs to make it back safely to Nellis. If you do need to refuel, do it after you checked out with Blackjack.
  15. Good point, I’ll lower their speeds, thanks! But you’re not supposed to aar between rounds. maybe at the end after checking out from the range. If you manage your fuel properly they should be enough for the whole hop and rtb.
  16. That's exactly what happened in real life Read the operations record book in the briefing pdf in the doc folder. Interesting, because I give the AI the same commands. How they perform them is up to ED's AI programmer. Interestingly enough sometimes they behave more nicely, sometimes they go berserk.
  17. I'm happy you managed, that's a good start. You don't have to keep it there all the time though. Increase it to 2850 for climbing and 3000 for dogfighting. Just manage your MP accordingly and keep an eye on your speeds and temps and it will be fine.
  18. As said above, soft deck is above the hard deck. The rule is: no low speed-high AoA maneuvering below the soft deck. The hard deck simulates the ground - so if you reach it, that means you crashed (without killing you and wasting a multimillion dollar jet) In game, however, the AI cannot be told to fight but in the meantime not go below a certain altitude. So with Bio we set it as low as 500 feet AGL, so that they don't always break it. DCS limitations.
  19. Thank you, I’M so glad you managed to complete it. Now you are ready for everything, and remember, survival over anything else!
  20. Hey thanks, I’m happy you like it. Not sure about the performance, I’ve had no issues on a much worse rig than yours. Make sure you have wake turbulence turned off that helps for sure.
  21. It may FEEL like it, but I assure you it’s the same Mustang. There is no way to make the engine more fragile in the mission editor. in MP you probably didn’t climb to 20k feet and cross the channel before the engagement. also, make sure you keep your speed up above 150 mph at all times, if not, chop the throttle before slowing down.
  22. No engine failure is programmed so it’s definitely an engine management issue. Try to go easier on it. 3000 rpm all the time is pretty hard. Check out the limitations on your kneeboard that I included with th campaign.
  23. Yes, it's up to ED but the Steam release follows soon after the standalone usually.
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